A portable house that can be dragged by an ordinary truck. Mostly owned by poor white Americans. The buildings are cheap to manufacture, easy to set up, and so flimsy that winds greater than 30 miles per hour can easily topple them over. Trailers are easiest to spot in the southern United States and the American plainlands, particularly in the rural areas.

Common terms for trailers: Single-wide, Double wide, Triple wide(?)
I live in a very spacious double wide trailer by the creek. I had to buy that since the tornado took away my last one.
by AYB February 17, 2003
a real big womans ass
look, she's pullin' a trailer
by sick December 14, 2003
A place to take your secretary at lunch.
¿Ño, Enrique -- can I borrow your trailer again, por fa-fucking-vor?
by hoze November 23, 2003
When having sex (of any kind) before you come, in your best movie trailer voice, announce "Coming Soon," pull out and ejaculate onto partner's face.
My ex-girlfriend cringes at the movie theaters ever since an unfortunate trailer accident.
#sexual endeavors #sexcapades #shenaniganery #trickery #fun
by Moby D March 01, 2008
The act of farting and walking away from that nasty bomb you just dropped, and the smell follows you around.
1."Damn Dudley, that one was a trailer!!"
by Akilles September 12, 2005
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