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n. an unpowered vehicle, towed behind a motor vehicle, with the purpose of carrying cargo or living facilities
"Hey, load the stuff into the trailer, and I'll hitch it to my truck."
by SchizophrenicMC August 27, 2011
When, during sex, after the man or woman climaxes, the man does not pull out but keeps going.
She let me run a trailer on her all night.
by Rezzenonne June 07, 2010
A mobile home that you can sleep, eat and drive in. Very usful for long trips but often makes the person look very poor.
Teacher: Jon where is your homework?
Jon: It's at home in the Senior Parking lot, i can go get it for you.
Teacher: Trailer Trash...
by Welfare Man November 08, 2006
Also known as a mobile home, or, more recently, a manufactured home. A manufactured home is simply a trailer less than 27 years old with vinyl siding on it. Its still a fucking trailer and if you live in one you're probably still a hick. Trailers often contain easy but dirty women.
by Joe Mama October 18, 2003
A commercial advertisement for a movie.

Usually shown in the cinema before the main feature.
1. Hey, did you see the trailer for The Matrix 2? That film is going to totally own!

2. OMFG the matrix 2 was so crap. The trailer was good though...
by Squee June 10, 2004
What Bill Clinton used to live in. Also a cheap, trashy form of housing that is occupied by people with the following names as examples: Billy-Bob, Jim-Bob, Bubba-Dean, Bubba, Earl, Billy-Ray Jeeters, Luanne, Josie-Sue, Lester, etc.
Bill Clinton built a massive structure that looks like a trailer and called it the Clinton Presidential Library.
by Weak Ass Bitches November 30, 2004
Flimsy cylindrical home capable of translocation.
You haven't experienced appalachian life until you've lived in a trailer!
by pwr_fwd July 20, 2003