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Promiscuous female (most commonly white) with a vaginal opening of about 3 inches in diameter, a bruised face due to catfights with other women and beatings by men, and a pair of uneven boobs as the result of a 50-dollar boob job. If two out of these three physical characteristics apply to a woman, she is most likely a tariler whore.

These women also tend to be addicted to at least three different drugs. Most people would think that they afford these drugs by being hookers or drug dealers, but the stunning fact is that the majority of them work in kindergardens.
Preston: "Jesus I'm horny!"

Jake: "...okay?"

Preston: "Ah, problem solved.. I can just bang Linda that trailer whore after I pick up Dylan from kindergarden. And I can give her a real good beating afterwards! Nobody will notice anyway."
by blodkjeft February 14, 2011