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trailer trousers
(trey-ler trou-zerz)

–noun ( used with a plural verb )

1. Also called trailer slacks. A loose-fitting pants of soft, absorbent fabric, as cotton jersey, usually with a drawstring at the waist and close-fitting or elastic cuffs at the ankles, commonly worn during athletic activity and often referred to as; sweatpants. However, also commonly worn as formal wear in most American mobile home parks. They are often purchased at WalMart in various colors and offerred in three sizes; XL, XXL, and XXXL. They are worn to parent/teacher meetings, funerals, social service offices, probation offices, etc. Trailer trousers are often accompanied by that unique cigarette/wet dog fragrance.
The knot in Bobbie-Sue's trailer trousers kept her from losing her virginity to her cousin.
by GrayRider February 12, 2011
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