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when a chick douches and then lets the douche water flow into another womans vagina
big tits Mcgee-"hey courtney, you still up for that trailer parkian water canal?" courtney cuntbag-"sure tits, what time you get off of work?" big tits Mcgee-"seven" courtney cuntbag-"great! i will go buy a condom so we can do the alaskan pipline after" big tits Mcgee-"oh yea,great idea! hey, do you have some eggs at your house?" courtney cuntbag-"yea, why?" big tits Mcgee-"well, i was thinking, maybe we could do the porchegese breakfeast while were at it? and i could call jimmy and we could maybe do the mind worm?" courtney cuntbag-"sounds like a date!
by gabriel anakin and jeremy July 28, 2008
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