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a rural white woman who:
1) lives in a trailer with her juvenile delinquent brats and lazy-ass, drunken, won't-get-a-job boyfriend;
2) works in a "happy ending" style massage parlor or strip club;
3) puts up with her drunk-ass, racist bastard redneck of a boyfriend physical abuse because he "loves" her "so much;"
4) uses language that would make a trucker blush; and
5) her brats all have different fathers!
Trailer parks may also have one or all of the following physical difficiencies:
1) less than 5 teeth;
2) 290 to 350 pound weight range;
3) a lazy eye; or
4) facial hair.
by Da Nastee One January 30, 2004
A butt-ugly, poor female piece of white trash who will fuck any man in sight. Usually has a shitload of kids by many different men.
Don't fuck that trailer park skank, Charlie. She'll give you herpes!
by Paul Thundergod June 25, 2003
A fat, ugly white woman who lives in a trailer with her drunk-ass boyfriend and 4 to 12 children. The boyfriend didn't father any of this she beast's kids, although he beats them on a regular basis. A trailer park skank can't read and is prone to violence.
"Officer! I want you to arrest my goo-for-nuthin white trash boyfriend because his ass is drunk again! Of course I'm the one who broke the broomstick upside his head. His drunk ass is so drunk he can't get it up! How can I get lovin if his drunk ass can't get it up? He needed a beatin!" -- quote from average trailer park skank
by Terra Imperator May 14, 2004
Mostly found in Arkansas. Fuck anything with or with out a dick, even animals. will fuck for a coke box of kotex and a pagk of cigarettes,
by don't go there. July 26, 2003
Any poor excuse of a woman that was banged one to many times by her brother, uncle, father and grandpa since she was 11. Most defenately a collection of every vinarial disease on the planet and loving it. Their definition of a romantic time is to slapped arround because it makes them horny and wet. The only good point to these beasts is that you can lick'em stick'em and send them away, the bad point is that they allways come back for more.
by Lopez August 09, 2003
A slutty, uneducated, fat, smelly three-toothed woman who lives in a trailer park and fucks every man who so much as pays attention to her. Trailer park skanks have at least 5 kids by 5 different men and no jobs. They are the epitome of white trash and collect welfare checks.
I wouldn't fuck that trailer park skank with a stolen schlong! She is liable to give me an STD!
by Nasty Nate June 20, 2003
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