Skinny, usually chain-smoking white female with many poorly groomed kids running wild around her. Usually has a quick temper and a baby in one bony arm and her cigarette in the other arm, standing in front of her trailer. Usually works a series of low skilled jobs in quick order.
Look at that trailer park chick in her rebel flag bikini top!
by JB Dude October 21, 2006
Top Definition
An oversexed white female who's been around the block way too many times and usually has an enterage of children with different daddies. Their counterpart is the ghetto project hoodrat.
by Queen July 23, 2003
Hot as hell, that had a marathon gang bang the night before. Usually with 8-10 kids before age 20. Employed at uncle/dads barn tittie bar.
I f*cked the trailer park chick, I got lucky and was the first one in line.
by Beast November 18, 2003
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