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The area immediately following someone who has expelled or is currently expelling gas. The noxious odor often causes tears or anger among those caught in its path. Victims may seek to flee before illness or nausea occurs.
That chili at lunch was great, but I feel badly for anyone caught in the trail of tears behind me.
by Satin Sheets March 27, 2007
3 18
When The Cherokee Indians of 1838 and 1839 were forced to leave their home of present-day Oklahoma, many dying in the process.
none available for this definition.
by Jon December 29, 2004
129 48
the hallway that runs between the locker room and shower room at penn state where jerry sandusky did the dirty hence the hall way would be the trail of tears.
friend 1: i took a tour of penn state this weekend
friend 2: did you see the infamous trail of tears?
friend 1: yeah and the shower room
by Mehale November 28, 2011
24 10
Anywhere Chuck Norris walks.
We walked along the Trail of Tears after seeing Chuck Norris in Mcdonalds.
by eecer October 04, 2010
21 14
lower back hair that leads directly to the asshole; the opposite of happy trail
I helped my friend Rafe shave his shoulder pads, but I'm not going anywhere near his Trail of Tears!
by ajkh1 June 25, 2011
16 12
The act of unknowingly walking behind someone who is cropdusting such nasty fumes that your eyes begin to water.
- Were you crying?
- Naw, I was just walking the trail of tears behind Big Joey.
by theoxfordcomma July 29, 2013
1 1
When you go on a strict diet of only hot sauce and chilies for three days and then blow your load directly into a girls eyes. It burns so bad she will leave a trail of tears.
So I gave her a trail of tears last she is legally blind
by Jamie Malinquetoast December 13, 2009
9 16
The trail of hair leading down the back to a persons ass hole.
Kevin, when you bend over I can see your trail of tears! Gnarly.
by wizbiz November 25, 2010
2 11