1. Hopeless, awful, regrettable, sad, totally desperate, calamitous, in style of tragedy, FUBAR, when things are not good.

2. A trading card game taking off Magic:the gathering. Originated in Fallout 2?

3. A witty insult. Aimed at those who suck even though they try so hard, those people just dont like, and those who copy others to be popular.

4. A homosexual/drag queen reference.
1. Oh, isn't it tragic how quickly we have given up so many of our liberties for more "security".

2. Wooz the bartender: There was this disembodied head right. And it floated thru hell right. And it was on fire. Hahaha. Want to play a game of Tragic?

PowerArmor Suited Kicking Rpg player: No way wooz man, i'm goona steal that pack of Tragic cards right off you as soon as we stop talking.

3. To over stereotyped archetype : "Hey man like you are so tragic, stop trying to be like that guy."

4. "Poof the tragic drag queen."
by Kalgy July 26, 2003
Top Definition
The 43rd President of the United States.
See Dubya
It was a tragic day for America when the Supreme Court inadvertently declared George W. Bush as President.
by jam July 17, 2003
The occurrence of what one might describe to be something of the nature of a momentous disaster which later provokes heart wrenching sorrow. Some examples of what may correctly be deemed to be “tragic” might include; unrequited love, premature death, or game six of the 2003 National League Championship.
"All perform their tragic play, there struts Hamlet, there is Lear." Yeats
by nethcev! October 01, 2006
1. adj. something deeply upsetting/terrible
2. something that looks rather worse-for-where
1. that accident was tragic.
2. that shoe looks a bit tragic doesnt it?
by Anonymous August 02, 2003
1) of or relating to a total FUBAR or SNAFU
1B) of or relating to a protagonist's critical flaw that causes his downfall; commonly used in Greek Tragedy
2) adj.; Craptastic; screwed-over;
1) The Titanic was a tragic failure; just like the British to make the best ship on the planet and lose it two weeks later.
2)Odysseus' tragic flaw was the fact that he was the wrong person in the wrong position in the wrong place at the wrong time and that the gods hated his ass.
2)My life has been one tragic stumble since I lost the presidential election in 2000.
by FalconBravo July 31, 2003

having elements of tragedy, mournful, calamity-level event.
So I'm walking home and there's this chick on the corner that says she'll suck my dick off for 10 bucks.

Tragically, I only had 5 dollars.
by Nutsacjac July 12, 2003
Somthing mr.Omar says everytime you see him on everybody hates chris
How did you meet the girl? Oh i was at the funeral. Her husband died a tragic death! Tragic, tragic, tragic!
by ccraig412 June 27, 2010
when something is bad, sometimes very bad, sometimes very very bad, sometimes very very very bad
yo man that shit is tragic, i mean that is so BAD, thats some cold shit
by shammy July 27, 2003

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