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The mistake in a characters personality that causes him or her to fail or lose or die. Very important in english literature (idiot), and is found in any novel with any character that does not do everything perfect in his or her life.
Romeo's flaw was his rage and undying love for friends and Juliet.
by Matt The Dude March 16, 2003
Thing that killed almost everyone in almost every play writen more than 200 years ago
Edipus thought he was cool but then he fucked his mom...that was his tragic flaw
by Brad March 12, 2003
A term that does not mean anything in accordance to any type of English literature. You idiots.
That fucktart over there wrote his thesis on Beowulf's tragic flaw and failed his paper like the mofo that he is.
by redelixir March 12, 2003
A Tragic Flaw applies mostly in a Greek Tragedy. You f*cking idiots. Aristotelean literature. HAMARTIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Greg Grieves October 15, 2003
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