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1) When a person goes into a detailed spiel about some tragedy he or she had experienced in such an obnoxious way, it seems like they're bragging about it.

2) When someone actually brags about tragedies just to earn imaginary tough badges of courage. These people are often attention depraved, socially inept creatures. Approach with caution.
1) Brody tried to tragbrag me when I said my foot hurt with some long ass story about losing his pinky toe in a blizzard. I barely know the guy.

2) Maria tragbragged about her date rape experience to her group of friends only to be found out as a total liar, because no one would sleep with a crazy bitch like that.
#tragedy #tragbrag #brag #traggbrag #trag #attention whores #crazy bitches #insane
by asdfghjklgads June 02, 2010
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