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The unfortunate position of being stuck in heavy, unmoving traffic, especially traffic that is stalled for no visible reason.
I would have been here earlier, but I was totally traffucked.
by Jules_in_LA November 06, 2006
26 3
Stuck in really bad traffic
"Man, I've been traffucked for the last one hour. Nothing's moving here, it's like a parking lot."
by BombayAddict January 08, 2009
7 3
To be delayed due to a high volume of traffic.
Dude, we would have been here right on time, but we got traffucked.
by XC Jay April 10, 2008
6 2
to be fucked by horrible traffic.
Christina was TRAFFUCKED this morning because of the overturned big rig on the 60 freeway.
by KroqnGirl July 23, 2009
2 1
Get stuck in a traffic jam.
Jane got traffucked on her way to the gym.
by Nãvnã December 28, 2013
0 0
an excuse for being late for almost anything you had to drive to.
i would have gotten here sooner but the I-5 traffucked me for 45 minutes.
by xdeadhead March 21, 2012
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