Trades Mans Entrance, The Back Pussy, The Poop Bridge, The Bourneville Blvd, The Bakerloo, Cannock Chase, The Bottom, Arse, Ass, The Rusty Sheriff's Badge, The Brown Starfish, The Gary Glitter, The Hershey Highway, The Backdoor, The Brown Eye, The Fuzzy Snuggle, The Rear Admiral's Daughter.... The Glory Hole
Father O'Malley lounged dreamily on his chez long, thumbing his holy book, recounting to himself a lost weekend with Italian sailors on shore leave;
"Luigi rattled my head board like no altar boy could. By Monday morning my Trades Man's Entrance flapped like a wind sock in a force seven gale".
A life in Holy Service. Father Seamus O' Malley. Penguin Books. 1932.
by Da Dirty South April 11, 2008
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