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Trademe is a auction site for the New Zealand people, but now it also has Trademe Jobs and a number of other sites under the same ownership as Trademe such as Find Someone, Old Friends and smaps. Is now overrun by people wanting too much money for cheap things and second-hand dealers due to media publicity.

Trademe is not only an auction site with its various message boards, these message boards are filled up with annoying as hell people but there are some good people, much like any other message board.

Trademe incorperates alot from the worldwide eBay, such as "My Trademe", Feedback Percentage (i.e. 100% Positive or 45.7% Positive) and Text Message notifications.

Trademe is now under Australian ownership after being sold for 700 million NZ dollars. Trademe was invented by Sam Morgan. is Trademe!
by Shadow77110 September 26, 2006
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A marketplace for New Zealanders to buy and sell online..

Its like A New Zealand Ebay.
Lets go to trade me...

Types in "" in address bar..

yay, I'm on trademe.
by darkmyst August 28, 2005
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the Internet auction site you're forced to use if you live in New Zealand
by quantum March 22, 2005
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