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track whore is what you do when you drive slowly (known as kerb crawling), or walk, along the street in a red light district looking for a prostitute with whom to do some business. This usually involves something of a sexual nature.
When my mates and I have had a few drinks in town tonight we are all going to track whore.
by Criostoir Hulme May 25, 2006
3 10
The whoriest of the whores. So desprate for cock they will chase male horses on a track.
Damn, that girl did like three dudes and an elephant in one hour. Yea she's a track whore for sure.
by the great cornholio February 17, 2005
21 10
An individual who spends a lot of time doing track days either on motocycles or cars or his/her track designated vehicle.
Justin's a real trackwhore. It's his 20th track day of the year. Or I just bought this Daytona 675 as my new track whore.
by madski April 12, 2009
7 3
A female that hangs around race tracks with the perpouse of sleeping with the drivers.
courtny is such a track whore shes fucking the driver of the 18 car this week
by redneck punk August 21, 2007
10 7
Someone who has a large music collection but always seems to get out of sharing any of it.
Damien you asshole you never share of any your music, your such a trackwhore!
by Phinneus Fog February 13, 2005
14 11
n. A vehicle, in any manner of repair, intended to be driven on a race track and ridden hard like a cheap whore.
Jeff bought himself another track whore, a Corvette with a full roll cage and 5 point restraints.
by LadyVelocious June 08, 2014
0 0
An artist who is featured frequently on tracks during an overexposed point in their carrer. Most material produced during such times is of poor quality.
Kanye West is a total trackwhore.
The term trackwhore meaning a person who fails to share music is a fallacy.
by chitownrioters September 05, 2005
6 10