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In the event of smoking marijuana, trabes is called to secure the third position in rotation. Trabes is usually called immediately after nabes (2nd), and is sometimes followed by quads (4th), depending on how many people are smoking.
Pothead 1: You rolling up a blunt? Nabes!
Pothead 2: Trabes!
Pothead 3: Quads!
by ChroniQ October 20, 2009
n. another word for bitch.
derives from the english word "bitch" was created by a random guy who decided that trabes were another way of saying bitch, whore, hoe, etc.
v. traber- the act of being a bitch.
plural form trabes.
get off my nuts you trabe!
by professor igetthemtrabesallday November 16, 2011
A coat hanger with a Styrofoam head.
Derp numero uno: Hey where should I put my coat?
Derp numero dos: I got a Trabes in the closet you can hang it on.
Derp numero uno: Woah! That hanger has a Styrofoam head!
Derp numero dos: Yeah of course it does! It's a Trabes!
by Not_Evilep0ptart July 31, 2011
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