A rare and insane animal usually found in the north of Norway. Beware, they have a tendency to eat brains and speak foul language. Beware, they usually travel in packs!!
To see the only living speciment raised in a civilized enviroment, travel to Stavanger, Norway and ask for the creature named Jonas!
by SDads January 14, 2004
Top Definition
a person from Trøndelag.
"æ e trønder æ ja!"
is something a trønder might say.
by Steingrim April 21, 2005
A underground cult from the European cult capitol Trondheim. Feared by the police and the citizens. Consists of 5-10 people, all experts in stealth. They bers on and in other people. They are responible for the largest religion-related scandal in north-european history, where they took a bers on Scandinavias largest Cathedral situated in Trondheim and also the bishops, priests and visitors.
Look, it's one of those trønders, run before we'll have bers all over our clits and cocks!
by CockflexXx October 05, 2004
Trønder is a person from Trønderlag who is allways lying. You can never trust a trønder.

"ikke sant da... tempoen min sprengte på vei hjem... ådne er slaven min da.." is something a trønder can say.
"ikke sant da..." trønder
by pederjørem December 13, 2015
a wery cool type of norwegians! they live in the middle of the country, around the town TRONDHEIM.
they like to eat SMALAHOVU and drink beer from E.C.DAHLS.
DDE is a trønder-band
oh, mommy! look! a trønder!

by knut January 25, 2005
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