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Toyota Sera is a very rare small coupe with stock gullwing doors and its production was limited to less than 16000 units. Code named EXY-10, the Sera was first launched in 1990 on the same day and place where Toyota MR2 SW20 was launched. Tho performance wise it never came close to a MR2 SW20 but looks and design wise it will be among the top 5 in toyota's history. The coupe's overall layout and design of the body, stock gullwing-butterfly type doors, rear hatch and dash board were way ahead af its time. Sera is actually a french word which means "will be" and the car surely lives up to its name.
Roman Pierce: DUDEEE.... Is that a toyota SERA? for real??

Brian O'Conner: If the car looks like a JDM concept vehicle for the year 2020 and the doors open upwards in an angle like the Mclaren F1, only better.. then yes my friend, its a Sera.
by Vin Deisel May 31, 2011
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