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Invented by clarkson who wears very nice tight jeans and sings a song whenever someone who is stereotyped as a townie walks past
The song:

"What you gonna do when they come for you? TOWNTOWN"
by Clarky November 01, 2004
When somebody lives in a small village, or small town and wants to describe where they live. A town-town is a major town, that most people would know, like Hastings instead or Battle or Crowhurst, which most people would have no idea where they were.
Harry: Hannah, whereabouts do you live?

Hannah: Well, my nearest town-town is Hastings, but I live in Crowhurst, near Catsfield and Battle.

Harry: Oh right, I know Hastings.
by Jessica Winkworth September 25, 2007
type of music or style only townies have. Mainly listen to urban and dance music. ie people who wear carbrini's, rockports, burberry, trackys(tucked into socks), nike shox, wear sovs and a lot of gold. Girls usually wear their hair scraped back look.
'thats some hardcore towntown'
'hes a real towntown'
by clarkson October 30, 2004