A person who enjoys hanging round in small-large groups on street corners and ask for 20p 'to use the phone box' or 'to get home' (despite it being popular knowledge that they live a few yards away). They often cease their actions if you outsmart them by calling them words like 'torglodite' in which case they simply say 'aw brass' and walk off.
Typical townie - grunger convo:

Townie: Eh wot come 'ere
Townie Ah blad set me 20p to use the phone box
Grunger: i dont have 20p
Townie: i KNOW u got papes, jump up and down blad.
Grunger: .....
Townie: ehhhhhhh brass wot phones u got?
Grunger: walks off muttering 'shut the f*ck up
by John March 15, 2004
A townie is a person who thinks they is 'ard but ain't. They all speak with a cockney accent. They don't earn a living and get money off of mum and dad, and proberley will for the next 20 years. they don't wear real designer tops they get cheep fake sh*t from the market for £10. they all think they are well hard because they have got mobile phones. they all listen to blazin squad and fake garage crap whick they think is the best in the world. all they say is innit, respect mon, and fuck off u slag. all they can think about is SEX. but about three quarters of them are still VIRGINS. they go out every friday and get out of there face pissed and high on dope they also do that saturday and sunday aswel. they do'nt ever stop shopping at the weekends they always bunk off school. all of the dudes and birds grab each others asses in public and make out infront of everybodys faces because they just don't care about anything these days.
the townie age group usually fall under 13 - 18 if you are still a townie at 18 you have some serious commitment issues and you need to fu**ing get your act sorted out because who wants to be a townie at 18 years old
What do you call a townie in a box?

by Christine Elliott January 14, 2004
usually full of racist bullshit, which is pretty ironic when the people they idolise are black.
The funniest example i can think of about the utter lack of imagination these joblessbrainlesshomophobicracistbastards have is about a girl i know walking down the street when some townie knob comes along on his crappy little "look at me im so 'ard, off the back off a lorry 'BMX' bike" and kicks out at her as he passes,generally acting like a shit, Anyway, this girl shouts "gets some Stabilisers u ignorant shit!" (which i thought was fair), and (this is what made me laugh) the boy shouts out "STABILISE YO MUM!". HAHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHhahahahahahHHAHAHHhhhahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
by Greengirl January 01, 2004
Townie girls have very pale often scaby skin. Hair is pulled back into very very tight bun (see bunhead) or pony tail. Very very aggressive in packs and will not bear to be glanced at by non-townies. Marginalised members of society who take their aggression out on others. Constantly angry at everyone and probably themselves. Really bad diets of KFC and fanta hence skin conditions.
One townie to ordinary member of the public engaged in the art of conversation "Wot ya chattin' abah?"
by Dave September 17, 2003
a early form of chav as they dressed the same as chavs they smoked the same as chavs and drunk the same as chavs but unlikechavsthey didnt use bother when starting they just sat thier and didnt cause too much bother
i wish townies hadnt evolved into chavs
by Dick-slap-dave April 29, 2008
(American definition, noun) Derogatory slang term that generally refers to someone who lives locally to a town, usually uttered by someone who does not. The implication is that the outside party is superior to the local populace, who are seen as inferior because of the negative stigma attached to the local environment they live in.

Most commonly used in rural college towns, where a large cultural gap exists between the students that attend and the local populace that simply happen to live there.

Townie can also be used as an adjective in the expected ways (A bar that is popular with the locals, for example, could be referred to as a "townie bar").
"I had some townie try to start a fight with me at the bar last night. I'm getting sick of these redneck locals..."
by TxdoHawk June 17, 2007
Outside the U.K., a word to describe people from a small town.
These people frequently have quirks in larger numbers or not shared by people from larger towns and cities.
Jimmy: why's that girl acting so strange.
John: She's from a small town. She's a Townie.
Jimmy: Oh.
by Jane West October 15, 2006

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