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A person that views intelligence as unnecessary and nice behaviour as being homosexual. They consider themselves macho and seek out others especially groups to validate their lack of morals and animalistic behaviour.
'You look like a f*****g poof, you mosher' said to person that catches them in an aggressive mood
by Chav January 08, 2005
13 7
Townies are the scum of this earth they have the i.q of my goldfish and wear clothes not even worth looking at!There normal inhabitance is in your local town/vill innit!Where they spend their day trying to get their ass kicked by normal people!If you like burberry enough and support crappy nova cars and wear argos jewelry you are most definitley a townie.They have mastered their unique and rubbish language which involves words such as "come on then" and "innit" and "his missus has got a "nova gti" and also due to their incredible thickness they insist on insulting by swearing! remember they are the lowest lifeform on this planet do not fall down to their level become something worth doing!
townie and chav's think they are well ard
townies and chavs think they are well ard
by Alex January 05, 2005
10 4
a townie is someone who has no mind of their own and follows whatever trends happen to be most common at the time. they will always have disgustingly obviously fake, cheap-looking dyed "blonde" hair with about 2+ inches of d-a-r-k roots and will never (hell forbid!) be seen wearing black(!) clothing and hate anyone with a mind of their own (no wonder they haye shopping trolleys) townies are incredibly vain too, they spend forever infront of a mirror piling on fake tan and makeup, and gawping lovingly at themselves. they also wear painfully small, tight clothing and are constantly "getting off" wit heach other.
i was outside mcdonalds and i walked by this disgusting barbie (?) pink car and a townie was hanging out the window with the roof down and she had about 20 mirrors aimed on herself trying to gaze at herself from every angle when i walked by she gave this annoyingly fake, high giggle "tee-hee oh look bethie! its a gothic person! tee-hee!" then she wend back to heaping on makeup and gazing at herself.
by Emma April 27, 2004
11 5
A townie is a person who thinks they is 'ard but ain't. They all speak with a cockney accent. They don't earn a living and get money off of mum and dad, and proberley will for the next 20 years. they don't wear real designer tops they get cheep fake sh*t from the market for £10. they all think they are well hard because they have got mobile phones. they all listen to blazin squad and fake garage crap whick they think is the best in the world. all they say is innit, respect mon, and fuck off u slag. all they can think about is SEX. but about three quarters of them are still VIRGINS. they go out every friday and get out of there face pissed and high on dope they also do that saturday and sunday aswel. they do'nt ever stop shopping at the weekends they always bunk off school. all of the dudes and birds grab each others asses in public and make out infront of everybodys faces because they just don't care about anything these days.
the townie age group usually fall under 13 - 18 if you are still a townie at 18 you have some serious commitment issues and you need to fu**ing get your act sorted out because who wants to be a townie at 18 years old
What do you call a townie in a box?

by Christine Elliott January 14, 2004
15 9
A youth who excessively travels to, or resides in town. Typically wearing skinny jeans and band t-shirt. Hair obscuring eyes. Possibly questionable sexuality.
Harry "Townie" Colovic. Such a Townie.
by navySEAL999 April 13, 2011
9 4
a very clean, very kind, very well cared for, very beautiful and very VERY accepting of others i.e. goths/emos/grungers/scene kids/skaters ect ect.
there is no need to panic if you are walking down a alley and you ACSEDENTLY trip and fall on their house and tear off one the sides after heavy rain fall.
they will often crawl out and offer you broken bottle as a gift and then they send you on your way, politely, may i add!
they often come and visit us at the skate park to say hello and wish us good day, again they often leave a small gift like a rock or yet another broken bottle but they are sometimes so happy to see us that they hand you the rock so fast that it slips and gives you a black eye. this is the best gift possible as it a mark that will stay for about 5-10 days.
if i am ever feeling peckish i will head straight to my local macdonalds to buy maybe a bag of fruit or a yogurt drink and i will often see my townie friends there and they will greet me with a hearty moonie or a Chery grin. they now know me well enough to just take me food without asking, after giving me "the mark" they will never need to ask again, it will be my pleasure!!
then on the bus ride home if i venture to the top deck there will be a nice scattering of townies and chavs that often ask me to go and sit with them. i can tell another delightful gift is coming so my hearts starts beating faster and faster. i stand by them and chat about the weather, current affairs or the lack of discipline in schools. these often excite them also so they give me a friendly pat on the back that sends me on a exhilarating trip to the end of the bus, down the stairs and onto the lap of a old woman. i will then compose myself and wait for my stop whilst listening to the harmonious cackles coming from the upper deck.
so, here's my stop, i thank the bus driver and step of the bus. i feel a patter of rain and look up, only to see their saliva falling pleasantly upon my face and hair.
what a great day i think to myself as i step in the door, i could barely wait for the night to be over so i could start this all over again.
thanks for listening
by littlebrokenbone August 31, 2006
8 3
Wears tracksuits to the likes of Addidas and Nike, and wears footy shoes and sometimes wears socks really high up covering the bottom of their tracksuit trousers. Listens to trance type music, and has the worst ever attitude. Goes around looking for trouble, and always wanting to hunt down grungers and beat them up for no reason. Might have a ear piercing on the right side to either show that their gay, or a townie, or both in most cases. They are the reason why the UK is a badass place and a complete shithole full of violence and crime. Townies ruin everything.
Townie: Oi there`s a fookin grebby twat there, lets gow jump that stupid dick.

Grunger: Touch me and I`ll shove this knife in your fucking face and beat you all to the ground, and call up all the grungers to hoarde you all and rip your fucking teeth out.
by Jason Groombridge November 13, 2004
14 9