In Ireland (Westmeath)(where i'm from)we call townies ''skangers'' but I'm writin bout dem in the townie section coz more people will see it. Skangers are the scum of the earth. they are faggot motherfuckers who think they're hard coz they can beat people up (this will only happen if you come by a group of them, if they are on their own you can beat the livin piss out of him with one punch).
Appearance: UGLY. Their faces are mangled from all the fights they get themselves into. They wear tracksuit bottoms with names like nike, adidas, kappa etc. and a hoodie with a logo on the front and they are usually white. higher class skangers will wear checked shirts. they wear baseball caps(usually nike) at a ridiculously vertical angle on their heads and have a greased fringe spiked up. Their shoes are always white and more than likely made by nike. The female skangers look like pure slappers. they wear short skirts and runners or high heeled hooker boots and a skimpy top or else a hoodie with a pointless logo. they have greasy hair and huge hooped earrings and are usually smoking.
Habitat: usually they gather in groups outside supermacs or macdonalds or whatever or sometimes can be seen in parks at night doin drugs, drinkin, smokin, rapin girls or beaten up innocent passer-bys.
Like to:Beat up metalheads, goths, grungers, moshers or anybody with black clothes. I play in a metal band so im an increased target.
They listen to dance music(if you can call it music, all it is is umph-tisss umph-tisss.....
They smoke all the time and if its not fags its hash and they usually deal drugs too.
They cant talk properly and they always try to talk like ALI-G and many of them have stutters.
They usually carry around knives for fights and if they dont they will throw stones at you.
They deserve to die and fucking rot in hell.
Skanger:Ya staaartin!?
Me: No
Skanger:Ya aare! Ya wanna fight!?
Me: No
Skanger: Fuck youz mosher! Oil kill ya!
Me: Fuck off!
Skanger: Dats it! Howld on til oi ring me mates n oil fuckin kill ya!!!

Why the fuck do the wankstains ask you to wait for them to get their friends just so they can beat you up?!!
by Vyle's drummer November 10, 2004
Townies are a certain type of people, often teenage youths. That wear awful clothets, dislike anyone who is not a townie (Such as grungers, goths and skaters), have a problem with anyone who is not hard, usually drinks/smokes alot and is often looking for a fight.

Townie clothing:
- Male:
Feel the need to wear brands such as; Nike, Kappa and Adidas. Townies often wear hoodies or tracksuits in colours such as light blue, in which trousers and top are of different clashing colours. Trainers always worn. Often have a single stud earring, and gel/wax their hair down.

Female townies are quite possibly the ugliest people ever. Wearing hoodies with places they don't even have the intelligence to know where they are written on them. Or have lame phrases such as "Angel", "Bling" or "69" written on them. Skirts so short they may as well just wear a belt. Long hair that is blatantly bleached or dyed hair blonde hair with roots that are of a totally different colour. To top this at least 2 huge pikey looking earrings (Obviously fake gold bought down at the market) and enough make-up to drown a third world country.

General Characteristics:
Feels the need to act and move with trents in order to fit in and stay cool. Often townies need to take up smoking or regular drinking to fit in with everyone else. Townies also need to act hard and have a hard crew so they can push everyone else around. Townies hate most people that have any intelligence or any change of a future that doesn't involve crime or bein a bad ass gangsta. Often boasts of times they were paraletic or one of the hundreds of sluts they have got off with. Townies often get most of the girls, even though most of them are covered in spots, are unintelligent and and ugly.

Townies often are unintelligent and do not have a great future to look foward to. Becoming a townie often results in academic failure and being totally stupid (Although there are exceptions).

Older townies often drive cars such as souped up Vauxhall Nova's with chicken wire on the front grill and illegal tacky blue neon lights so they can "pick up all the hot chicks"

In general townies are the most popular people, as most people feel the need to become townies so they can fit in, be cool, act hard and all that other bull. But hated by everyone else because they see them for what they really are: people who feel the need to go with the flow so they can be popular and be accepted by everyone else.
- You should have been with Zoe and her crew last week down, first we were gettin paraletic and then we were goin down an alley and we were chased by people wiv knifes n stuff! But they we saw hoffman crusin in his Nova so he gave us a ride to the rec where we got even more paraletic wiv andy and james who were stabbed earlier n den we got sum weed n smoked it behing maccy d's where hoffman was gettin off wiv caitlain (A day in the life of a townie)

- "No but yeah"

- "Check out my vauxhall nova, im gunna pick up all the hoes now"
by Unknown Soldier July 11, 2004
wankers who take over sacred ground of the cosmoss and destroy all in their path, for no obvious reason apart from blind rage caused by....them being to dumb? i dont know, but they are loosers. i might go and buy a katana and go on a killing spree of townies...ahh...
white, gold, and greasy hair made even greasier by hair gel, with a cap to top it off. also sock tucked into white a track suite. also like running away from "PIGS". Townie with a cause, a football fan.

"mate, got any booze"
"nah mate, lets nick some..."
"yea ok init sound safe BO!"
*nick booze*
"ARRRRR MATE look what we got, some booze!"
"Yeah mate..."
*drank lotsa booze*
"mate your a fucking prik"
"you want some you"
"come on then you yella belly!"
"nah safe mate, id never start on you init, coz your sound init"
"sound mate, goh, you had me going for a second there, init"
by Stash Monster April 14, 2004
wel in my area a townie is someone who looks like they would think about hitting you but wouldn't fot three reasons

1) they are just chicken
2) they would know they are too scared of us coz we can outsmart tham and hit them harder
3)they would mess up their hair

and think that are being insulting by reading insulsts off a peice of paper torn from a book and all appear to ware the same clothes but in different colours to show their 'individuality'
an insult by lauren - who i perticulalry hate

i think that curly hair is out of fashion

me:well it's a good job i don't beleive in fashion then isnt it

lauren: nothing just walks off
by girly roten August 15, 2003
Normal person, who enjoys rnb and rap music, not blazin squad at all,( blazin squad is practically pop) dosent listen to depressing music like rock. a person who doesnt actually care about goths grunges, just tries to get on with life, can be rich can be poor, uses the word buff
townie listens to music like Aaliyah, Beyonce, Ashanti , Alicia keys
by misshunnicutt December 30, 2005
a non individual bcz its a lot kler 2 all wear gay tracksuits!
just take a trip 2 mc donalds or ur town centre or c a person called hope!
by lala April 27, 2004
A stupid arse man beast licking cult, who thinks that they look good in a stupid all look the same in your lacoste tracksuits...l.tracksuits are used for running round a track in....hence TRACKsuit....stupid fools.

They all go round beatin people who are younger than them up, an think their hard, cos they can beat up nine year olds.

They all try an get into pubs, but can't cos they look about twelve in their Lacoste tracksuites.

They try an take the piss out of every one who isn't wearin a they basically have a go at people who have style

They have idols like sean paul, who is a stupid rapper boy, who eats his own poo

They all go round in crappy cars that they try to make look good, by putting a stupidly big spoiler on the back.

They all listen to dance music, which is the worst music ever, it has no tune, an just repeats itself.

They always say "arr mate" which is well gay

"hey look, what a suprise there's a "crew" of townie's all dressed the same, hey look they're listening to dance music........."

townie: "arr mate,...there's a goth.....lets beat him an his mates up, mate"

Goth:"take that you bitch licking crew" up all the weak townie's....destroy's their boy racer car, snaps their dance music CD's, then eats them all......"stupid townie's.....will you ever learn....DANCE MUSIC IS CRAP, LISTEN TO ROCK!!!! YOUR ARE NOT HARD!!!! YOU HAVE NO STYLE!!!! YOU ALL LOOK THE SAME!!!!! AND WHY DO YOU SAY 'MATE' SOO MUCH!!! STUPID BITCH LICKERS!!!!

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