(the following definition refers to an Owen Sound townie).

an individual whose vestment normally consists of a "Snap-on Tools" jacket, ski-doo racing mesh-back hat, too-tight Levis jeans (circa 1980) and antiquated nike and/or brooks sneekers. can be commonly spotted in a 1982-1990 ford truck or possibly an early 1990s 2-door chevy cavalier (red or blue is quite popular) heading to the Beer Store (or "Orange Church) for a case of Labatt Crystal.
after purchasing their ski-doo jackets, billy and his friends inherently became townies for life.
by ajd August 30, 2004
townie vocab

1) mate
2) d'ked
3) faggot
4) startin
5) yah mam
6) " "'s got balls
7) fuckin bang yah
8) mak'e'Ds
9) G-Unit
10) lend us 10p
11) ciggi
12) hes not a mosher, hes a emu (emo joke)
13) lend us a ciggi
14) nob ed
15) wheres the crew
16) easy
17) get the skater
18) wat yah lookin at?!
19) smashed
20) muppet


townies beat up old men and women for there chip shop money to buy "ciggis" and cider, they drive down streets, late at night, in shitty corsas, at 15 or 50 mph. sit on street corners, at night getting smashed and fucked out of there heads.

they are the scum of the underworld, the rats of society and they are all "muppets".

p.s do your part for society, kill a townie.
im not going to give you an example cos all you need to do is go outside macdonalds, nettos or jacksons and you will see for yourself.
by the voice of Hull April 26, 2004
townies are:
tramps 'set me 10p, blud' brainless sheep freaks who follow the crowd, mug little kids, listen to shit, mindless music, think theyre better than everyone who is not like them, falsely beieve that their future does not involve working in mcdonalds, wear cheap, fake sports brands, fake gold rings, speak in a stupid incomprehensable 'gangsta' tounge, the girls are sluts who act hard and have a kid by the time theyre 13 but it dies because they smoke sooo much, the boys start pointless fights and send 1000 other townies to attack one person-then think theyre hard, they always pick on little kids, they are ignorant to modern life e.g. politics, music, world issues, they think anyone who is not a townie is a grungie or a goth and they wank over 50 cent every night thinking to themselves that they have a life.

They don't.
townie- "set me 1p, blud"
me- "ok"
throw it in townies eye, then get a flamethrower out and burn him to hell where he'll meat his idol, the prat Tupac.
Before he dies he will say-
"fucking grungie blud"
A scally who can afford 40p bus fair to go 2 town of a friday night and get plastered there.
I'm a townie & i'm well ard. BO!
by jade goody July 11, 2003
habitat-cities, towns or villages. 'Note, when a townie lives in a village they spend most of their time in the nearest town, in parks and pubs.
A townie will wait with multiple other townie friends, sitting on a wall, waiting to 'hammer' non-townies who are enemies of the townies. Thus resulting in a townie being beaten in the fight by the stonger and more intelligent non-townie
by John Smith May 14, 2003
Non-conforming teenagers who believe the best way to rebel against society is to wear dark clothing, smoke cigarettes, listen to heavy rock, work at fast food restaurants, and brag about how much they party (when in actuality happens very rarely, possibly never).

Unfortunately for them, they don't realize by acting this way they are only hurting themselves, how they are viewed by the public, and any former relationships (sexual and/or family) they may have had.

Eventually when they hit somewhere in the region of 30 (give or take 5 years), they have a very depressing reality check whilst looking in a mirror; realizing they have a major lack of education, no friends or family, no stable (and good-paying) job, and no pretty, colorful clothes.

Contrary to the European definition (which is stated as someone who wears athletic clothing, plays sports, and fools around with members of the opposite sex persistantly), these townies are viewed as non-athletic, non-appealing, (for lack of a better word) dogs.
"Dude, I'm so bored. Do you want to go townie hunting? There's bound to be atleast 10 by the gazeebo."
by IPWNNUBS July 29, 2006
A Townie is NOT AT ALL like a chav, in the sense of thinking they're hard when they're not, and being an all around TWAT. Townies do wear sports clothes, like sports, but dont hate moshers or goths, and dress similarly to a chav but not the same.
Townie: Alright?
Goth: Hey
Mosher: Hi guys
Townie: The footy was great today!
Goth: I'm not into that
Mosher: Same
Townie: Oh well lol
by Matt Read August 21, 2005
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