townies anit all fuckin bad, dey hang round wiv gangs, stick 2 gether when der m8s get in trouble, anit n.e fuckin fing like d people hav written on here bout dem, d clothes dey where anit jus from d market, sum townies av quite abit of money, people say dat townies r prejuduce to goths n pikes n normal people ect.....well fuck up yeh been prejuduce to us!!! to us we are d normal people. not all d burberry townies av r fake n not all d jewellery eitha, u fink u all no wot a townie is well u fuckin know shitall bout dem.

girl townies dont all die their hair blonde, 4 most of us its fukin natural, dey dont all wear fukoff big earrings. dey av decent makeup n fuckin ell u sayin dat we got ache yeh..... well i anit beein funny, but we int d only people who mite hav it, most of dont! dey aint sluts, n dont go round struttin' seeing who dey can pull 4 a quick shag!

guy townies dont go round finkin dey hard. most of dem probably are... der int n.e fing rong wiv d clothes dey wear... its style dese dayz get use 2 it!

townies are proud of who they are and dey aint afraid 2 show it so fuck off!!!
we all livin, so fuck up bein prejuduce against us! u no shitall bout us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! l8trz init
by tanya n jesi January 04, 2005
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A townie is a scumbag!In other words there should be banned or even killed.There think that terroising people who aren't a townie is "well ard".Normally a female townie will wear some "well class trakkiez" or some tight jeanz wiv PRINCESS OR BABE on the rear end of them.There will wear large gold hooped earings which obviously aren't real gold and a massive gold clown.They will also have their face covered in cheap foundation normally purchased from "da wkd poundy" and blue eyeshadow n mascara.

Male townies:Will ave der 1 ear pierced which there boast there done thereselves.Will wear bowt "20 pure sovvyz". Der will wear sum "top class trakkiez" n a burberry cap which iz facing da sky!!!
Origh m8?
Oright? luk at ma well wkd pure sovvyz gt em 2day from h.samuel
oh..aye..der safe dem r bruv
by Bethany March 14, 2005
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Having managed to elude the evolutionary process and remain relatively neanderthal throughout the years, the townie has finally plucked up the courage to expose itself to society. The subsequent confusion that they experience in relation to other more intelligent life forms results in the formation of tribes, each with their own *cough* unique identity. It is unsure at which stage the townie started wearing the so called 'shell suit', but the trend has remained ever since - possibly due to the insecurities surrounding 'individual identity'. Although practically indistinguishable, the numerous tribes lend their names to cunning little acronyms such as 'ATL' (against/above the law) amongst others. A common behavioural attribute of the townie is vandalism, the mindless destruction of (amongst others) bins, windows, doors, railings and other articles upon which society 'relies'. Unfortunately for the townie, who strays no further than McDonald's or the local chippy, most of these vandalised items belong to the commune in which they live. The townie asserts it's territory by writing on surfaces with cheap permanent marker (the more colours the better), much like a cat pissing up a wall. If encountered look away,eye contact will only provoke the situation, such is the results of these primeval instincts they still cling to.
"What do you call a townie in a filing cabinet?"

by NZ April 23, 2004
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shit people with shit lives who ruin everyone elses life
"yo gimme that guitar yeh"
"nar my mans nuff good on guitar!"

"no you're actually both big fat cocks"
by john December 18, 2003
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townies are girls and boys who have no direction in life and choose to look the same as everyone else.
they pray to rappers whos name they probably cant spell e.g. 50 cent, dizzee rascal.
they have no colour coordination with their fashion and so have to buy tracksuits that are already matched for them.
their lives are so sad and pathetic they feel they have to wear fake gold and involve themselves in everyone elses life to make theirs seem and feel a little less pathetic.
the female versions of the species (chavettes) usually smother themselves in make up and wear as little clothing as possible to attract other people who are not attrected to them and just think of them as skanks which they are.
the males usually tend to insult everyone to make them feel bigger and steal off of and hurt defenseless people which makes them look even weaker.
i would look at that townie over there but i really dont want to, i mean why waste the power to see through them?
by Saz November 20, 2004
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In America: A person who lives in town (as opposed to the suburbs or a ghetto on the outskirts of town) Usually it is used in a derogatory manner, but sometimes it is purely descriptive.
person 1: Where does Jerry live?
Person 2: Oh, he's a townie.
by Bob Dole Bob Dole March 06, 2008
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One who lives in binghamton, but is known not to have a family tree that forks. Often spottable when the mother and father look like cousins or brother and sister, or usu. of a variation of some sort of ugly, corn-fed conservative President Bush-muncher who lost their teeth munching bush.
(Usually an upstate variant of those found on Jerry Springer)
Hey Zahutsky, look at that family, they got no teeth, and i dont think they forked outside the family. Shall i call jerry, and inform him he'll be having new guests?
by jason ganz August 07, 2004
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