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a townie is a basic fuckwit, the girls are suts who would fuck thier own brother for drug money they are often seen in full "nike" shell suite or other similar brands which are obvious cheap rip offs from the local market they ty to be trends but real trends don't seem to hate people this is how you can spot a townie. the maximum spant on all clothe and fake gold plus nasty smelling cheap colgne is about £15 twnies are jus pussys wearing fake clothes trying to be hard
"oi you greebo, he eh fucki greebo i knock you out"
"come on then you can bring all 25 of your drop out frends a bus going to the placebo concerts around the corner bring it u little pussys in ur cheap rip off wear"
"yeah knock you out man, nah u not worth it, me gonna go fuck my 12yr old sister now"
by @siangeez February 12, 2004
Now where do i start.....? How about the cheap gold jewelry, fake burberry and the threats to all in black? Fair enough i hate townies as much as the next person ( especially wen they come up to you and shout 'gothic' in ur face)but it can't be easy for them payin for all those fags, and that booze.... o sorry i forgot, they nick it.
Shrewsbury is a typical place to find townies in there natural habitat.
in scunthorpe townies wear trackies tucked into there socksbaseball caps and nike hoodies or parkers. they dick around but can get bE's cheaper than anyone else so make friends or run
townies suck
by squarepants drug addiction January 14, 2004
a small town woman well known as being premiscuous or slutty
Crystal Rae, the town poke couldn't understand why the men of Melonville never took her out to dinner or introduced her to their friends after pleasuring them for free drinks.
by jd55113 February 08, 2009
A person who is from or lives in the St. John's, Newfoundland area.
Newfie 1: Where ya from?
Newfie 2: St. John's...
Newfie 1: Ahhh. ya damn Townie!
by V3nus Envy May 12, 2008
also known as a chav weres trakkies (tracksuits) likes brands like addidas,rebok, likes fake Burberry
check out www.chavscum.com
by haddy June 03, 2005
WANKERS, tossers, burrburybandits, waste of a life, stole my bike beat up my brother, a group in Brighton called "TMC" "Two Messy Crew" but i like "Totaly Moody Cunts" which is what they are (so much anger weighting to spill out into the face of a townie)
townie: "ay wo' u lookin a'?"
human: "nothing, i just glanced over in your direction..?"
townie: "oit u fuckin qweea, wo' u sayin bou' ma mum bruv?"
human: firstly im not gay, secondly i did not say anything about your mother, and thirdly i am not of any relation!"(under breath "Thank god")
Note say some thing intellegant and while their trying to desuyfer it, run, because where thers 1 thers always another.
by Jez-TOWNIE_BASHING January 13, 2005