a white teen who along with their crew try to copy the way of life of black teens. will listen to crappy skank cluber music and be obsessed with modding up crappy cars and dream of driving it when pissed. male townies will select a girl friend and walk with her whilst holdin her hand and also his teeny dick. some boys will be proud of wearing the playboy make and often tuck their trousers into it's socks, maround which is also a fake watch.
townie, the thing wrong with the world, not potheads or skaters or nerds, we all get along if any townies read this (which tey probably can't cos their so inbred) go die in a ditch and rot in hell.
1aarghhhh i hate f#####g townie scum
they should all be shot.

2hey dude wanna kill skallies and townie scum?
yes lets do that and then we go to www.urbandictionary.com and post the message that townies are dead!!
by ihatetownies December 08, 2004
townie: smelly person who hates all that wear different things to them.
listen to music that my 8 year old sister cud do better at and just are generally scum.
townie: you disraspectin me?
average joe:no i dint say anything, you oaf.
townie;you disrespectin me you sayit to me face.init and all dat. westside. bling.
by tom November 12, 2004
failure, always tlking bout soem shitty car which is "kitted up" starts fights with people who are younger than them or if they are outnumbered. i am proud to say i can tackle 5 on my own, two of us could take on 10. They were cheap clothes and have totally fucked up the english dictionary, the females are no more uglier than a vomited meal and the townie males usually act hard on their own but fail when attacked by someone younger than them.
They hang around in groups and try to attack bigger groups (examples include lions chasing after a herd of zebras or gazelles in africa) they smoke and drink cheap cider and smell liek it.
have the intelligence of a virus and they spread like one, should be experimented on and sent to the moon.
tends to listen to phat tunes which are not music.
townie- ya starting you fucking cunt? person - no, why do you ask?
townie-cuz you just gave my mate a dirty look
person - where is your mate
townie (after a few minutes of realising he isnt with one) o you wait ere ill get im ya cunt
and the person walks away
by ben November 08, 2004
twat ( they wont start on you, aslong as it stays in the 3:1 ratio
him:you fucking mish mosh get a wash
me:nah im not a mosh but its better then being a townie
him: what did you say wait there let me get my gang and your battered man
me:hmmm your a twat!
by jimmy October 26, 2004
Okay, this is all extreme, some of the townies I know, aren't COMPLETE knobheads but then..some are.
They hate grungers. Think anyone who isnt wearing ugly, cheap ass clothing (no matter how much it cost it still manages to LOOK c.h.e.a.p) are grungers, or posh, innit?
(Innit really bugs me. In WHAT exactly? Or I reply sweetly, "It is.")
Listen to *shudder* "music."
Typical townie music is: Fittty Ceant, Blazin' Squad, Sean Paul Kiss 100 etcetera.
How to recognise a twonie near you:
Wel, enough has been said about townies out and about before me. So here's how you recognise a townie ONLINE.
Their Msn screen name is something like:
uR ClOthEs lOok GoOD... bUt tHeY wOuLd lOok bEttEr oN mY bEdRoOm fLOoR!!111
Accompanied by some stars or hearts or kisses, if they happen to be girls. Their profiles will include some of their hobbies too:
"Goin Destiny*" "Boys/Girls" "Ma phone"
Boys will include something about rapping, "hacking" etc.

Shout out to the person/people? (Man Bon and Kin Mun) who mentioned Harrow Tube Station. Cool place for grungers. (a hella lot of fit dudes up there, which is always a plus.) Live just near it. :P Come stalk me. Of course, the best place to go is Camden.
If you happen to be a townie, the best place to go where people of your kind gather is Watford, the Harlequin Centre.

*Destiny is a townie scum nightclub in watford. If you want to see enough fake burberry to last you a life time go here.
Just..go to destiny.
by One more time with feeling October 17, 2004
Townies are people who where cheap fake clothes brought from the local market. They where fake burberry caps and scarfs. They got out of there way to where nike and addidas.They use terms such as "blads" and "wa gwan" every townie thinks they are black and would do anything to fit in with a black crowd. Townie females are cheap sluts who thnik they are black. Again fake burberry caps and scarfs. They have fake burberry hair bands.There hair is incredibly greasy there teeth are normally black with tar from ciggertes. They will proboly never have a good job only to be working at the till in poundland. Townies mothers dont give a damn about there kids and gave birth at 15 or 16. There father ran away at 16, and is proboly in prison for assulting someone. Townies apperantly have loads of back up but when it actually comes to it it is a bunch of 4 foot 10yr olds. They look down at people wh are smarter than them and call the boffins. I hate townies so much they are so annoying!!!!.
Townie: Why you looking at me blad
Non townie: I'm not
Townie: Dont get rude blad
by The king April 25, 2004
clones who should all be killed and then burned (i'm sure all that nylon will go up a treat) :D kill them all
daran patterson must die
by ollyj - fuck y'all April 14, 2004

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