Having managed to elude the evolutionary process and remain relatively neanderthal throughout the years, the townie has finally plucked up the courage to expose itself to society. The subsequent confusion that they experience in relation to other more intelligent life forms results in the formation of tribes, each with their own *cough* unique identity. It is unsure at which stage the townie started wearing the so called 'shell suit', but the trend has remained ever since - possibly due to the insecurities surrounding 'individual identity'. Although practically indistinguishable, the numerous tribes lend their names to cunning little acronyms such as 'ATL' (against/above the law) amongst others. A common behavioural attribute of the townie is vandalism, the mindless destruction of (amongst others) bins, windows, doors, railings and other articles upon which society 'relies'. Unfortunately for the townie, who strays no further than McDonald's or the local chippy, most of these vandalised items belong to the commune in which they live. The townie asserts it's territory by writing on surfaces with cheap permanent marker (the more colours the better), much like a cat pissing up a wall. If encountered look away,eye contact will only provoke the situation, such is the results of these primeval instincts they still cling to.
"What do you call a townie in a filing cabinet?"

by NZ April 23, 2004
A person that thinks unprovoked attacks on "goffs and dirty gwebs" makes them cool. Someone that thinks schreaching loudly while trying to bring the front wheel of his (stolen) bike down on a dogs back, causing the dog to run, terrified, onto a road infront of a car, just because the dog is owned by a "dirty bag of greb s**t" is funny. Someone who pretends they're "well ard" by laughing nervously while running away when an angry "goff" girl tells them they'll be getting the vet bill. Someone who thinks beating up girls makes them "well 'ard". Someone who thinks everyone else needs and wants fashion tips. Someone who mistakenly thinks that they are and should be respected by all. In short: A d**kh**d.
What a stupid thing to do! Well it was a townie...
by Trip April 21, 2004
anyone who wears nike, sports gear, soccer shirts, bright white trainers, talks like they are black "yo yo yo me homies", are incredibally dumb, hang around in gangs and are complete twats
Daran Patterson is a townie wanka!
by ollyj - fuck y'all April 14, 2004
*Townie* Lads and lasses who congregate into a pic "posse" and go around dissin the fit skaters of the world..makes me sick.
the girls wear short normally white skirts with a black thong,a REALLLY low top so all there gold fake shit hangs into there cleavage,and wear so much hairspray they dont need bobbles cause there hair stays like that with out them...wear high heals which they cant walk in OR wear a hooded top sayin "babe" or "Princess" or "FCUK" and "Trakki" bottoms wif them tucked into there socks
Lads:walk round wif there "Trakkis" tucked into socks,wif a hooded top and there cap on normally with hood up. Proberly walking round with a fake gun pretendin to shoot people/objects. at nite u will find em outside a club with a bottle of cider arguin with the bouncer to let them in with there "Bitches" with the fag on linkin on to there arms pouting at the bouncer in all there fake "Bling"
"you biatch,just cruisin in my low rider init?"
"Maaan look at them sub woofers..wanna go pull some biatches?"
"Yeah man"*Goofy laff*
by Wizziwoo March 05, 2004
Townie:1, typically wears Adidas tracksuit bottoms, and a Donnay top thats is either too big or too small, maby to share with all his/her half brothers or sisters.
2, Their typical insults are based on other peoples mothers like: 'and ya mum' or 'i had ya mum last nigh' another insult is 'wot ya gay' this insult is normaly aplied when you try to talk to them in a rational way. When you ask them a question which seems too challenging they resort to 'ya homosexual lil' gay'.
Standing out side McDonalds and you walk past, they will say something like 'ya mum'
by the jew scout January 24, 2004
Someone who lives in Allenton, Alvaston or other shitty parts of Derby.
"Don't go to Allenton its fulla townies!"
by Atrocity January 08, 2004
the little shits that puts the english culture to shame (even though, our culture would still is full of bullshit without them, but hey, thats what happens when the left wing is so far left its pratically fucking right...)
you stupid little dick heads, cant you see your digging your own grave. You go on about us being middle class knobs, and "what du yu no u chat shit." i would advise firstly if you want to be taken seriously, expand your vocabulary to more than just "fu*koff" and "c***", and secondly, when trying to put across your not-even-considered-view on your crappy little "cultured" manners, you use grammer. oh, wait, you were probally truenting that english lesson...
by sweetpeabrain January 02, 2004
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