Someone who goes to debate camp, calls others townies when they are the clear townies.
Person 1: Did you hear Ann, the townie, called Samie a townie?
Person 2: Ya I did. Didn't Ann also just get back from debate camp?
by notatownie258 July 22, 2010
A term used by locals in New England towns to distinguish themselves from the hordes of tourists who flood their towns every summer. Townies are not necessarily natives, just the working class citizens of a New England tourist town.

Unlike Townies in a college town, Townies in a tourist town hold the term in high regard.
We hang out at Geno's because it's a townie bar.

Townie's avoid the Old Port (Portland Maine) in the summer because of all the inlanders and Mass-holes are always asking for directions.
by kidbilly23 July 13, 2010
a lazy inhabitant of any campus town or any city who engages in activities involving chocolate-milk, shower-crowding, pretzel tying, being an all around idiot, and sucking syrup.
That guy is being a real townie idiot.

What is this chocolate-milk drinking townie fuck doing in my kitchen?
by BulletBottle November 30, 2009
(n.) Someone who grew up in a college town, as opposed to a transplant who came there for college. Originated in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.
The cut-off for being a townie is usually to have attended high school in that town for all 4 years.
jack: "Hey, where you from?"
jill: "Here. I'm a townie."
by Msmithcu August 17, 2009
In America, the word townie is generally used to refer to people who are deeply rooted in their home town and have little or no prospects of leaving it even to go on vacation (except perhaps Aruba or the Bahamas). Generally, they don't go to college except perhaps to community college where they take one or two classes a semester. They or their families probably own a small business, perhaps paving or landscaping. Many of them frequent cheap, dirty bars that have nothing but Bud Light on tap. Some may be heard drunkenly babbling about how Arabs are taking the country by means of their ownership of countless gas stations and convenience stores. The word townie is also sometimes used by hipster douchebags to take shots at people over their accent and how they choose to spend their time.
Sacramentan: So what do you do for fun in Massachusetts?

Me: Red Sox, poker; I'm a bit of a music-

Sacramentan: "Red Sahx"? "Pokah"? What are you, a fucking townie?

Me: Actually, I have a real job, I go to college full-time, my dad doesn't have a landscaping company, and I don't plan to live on the Irish Riviera forever. -You shouldn't be so quick to judge people. I didn't call you a pretentious hipster douchebag just because you wear thick-rimmed glasses and listen to indie music on your iPod while you ride your fixie to the coffee shop.- (- -: I wish I had actually said that part)
by Brooksie January 23, 2009
townies are like chavs but wiv a few more human charactoristics....but only a few.
gay gay gay gay gay townie gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay
by everythingibelievein February 24, 2006
The guy who screams "YOU CAN DO IT" in the adam sandler movies.
by Dallin August 23, 2005

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