townies buy all their jewellwry from argos and their clothes from the market and jjb. they go around in groups of 30+, hang around outside corner shops and intimidate old people. they wear rockports, reeboks and trackies, usually in a very bright colour. they hav a fag superglued 2 their lips and all reckon they 'is ard innit mush'.
''oi mush, got a fag'' or ''oi u startin?'' if male
''look wot i chavved from superdrug'' or ''oi u startin?'' if female.
by EEV33 March 26, 2004
People who spk lyk dis cos it iz well sound innit...*shudders*.
Also many other ways to describe them but can't be bothhhherd
Townie 1: Origggghhhhh
Townie 2: Orrriiggghhh
Townie 1: Owz u
Townie 2: 'righhhht u?
...a few minutes later...(Townies 1 and 2 walk past some poeple who don't dress the ame as them in their matching hoodys and trakky bottoms. The people look at them...)
Townie 1: Oi, Youu startinnn'?
People look..and reply 'no..why'?
Townie 2: YER MUMMM (for no apparent reason
by Fwannnnnnny February 23, 2004
a person (10-19) who goes around thinking they are and i quote "wel ard" starting fights with anyone who is even remotley different but they always lose the fight. they wear stupid adidas/ nike/ burberry hats pulled as tight as they can and placed at a 90 digree angle on there heads.
(townie) ook ah dat ucking gothic kid lets kiwl im
by mr happy February 16, 2004
(See Also ned)

To describe townies as the scum of the earth would be understating the obvious. If you are not sure whether or not you are a townie, you probably are. If you can read this your are probably not. In the case of any conflict, the following rules apply.

1) All Townies believe they are "well 'ard." This is demonstrated in several ways, including offering non-verbal abuse at CCTV cameras, intimidating people when in large groups, and throwing things at passing animals. When questioned a townie never knows why he does these things, but feels that they prove he/she is "well 'ard"

2) A Townie is never actually "well 'ard." Confront one you have seperated from the pack, and the intimidating behavior will stop. On their own they are more scared of you than you are of them.

3) In a fight they attack in packs, and with weapons. This is only in the rare case of a "combat pack" of townies. Most packs will shy away from violence altogether.

4) Though Townies will generally have minimal education, those who have been educated are often taught menial labour, such as carpentry or bricklaying. This is an unfortunate slur on legitimate builders and carpenters, and the majority of townies will spend their life In Mcdonalds or other fast food vocation.

Female Townies will invariably be taught in Hair and Beauty care. They do this on the pretence that they aren't following the pack, but are simply doing what all other female townies do. This is again an unfortunate slur on those who choose hairdressing as a legitimate career.

5) Townies smoke. Without exception.

6) Townies will dress in fake burberry, and fake designer goods. All of their clothing is bought for 50p per item from the dodgyest bloke in the local market.

The problem of Townies is getting worse. Due to the fact that they begin to breed at 12, and have no concept of birth control, they are becoming uncontrolable in our society. The two options open are to simply ensure our own offspring are never allowed to join the townies, and wait for them to die off of their own accord, or a mass cull.
Townie: "alright mayte! is this real burberry?"
Market trader: "I just love these Townies"
by Steven Davenport January 26, 2004
a person who thinks it is 'hard' not to attend school, to say words such as 'safe', 'yea man', 'buff' and other such words. they exist on this earth purly to live off the dole in a council house with nine filthy kids who skip school and do drugs, just as they did. they are everywhere and continue to harrass anyone they feel like by attacking them physically as they dont have the vocabulary to do so verbally.
townie conversation;
townie one: wosdat den huh?
townie two: new mega bad phone yeah!
townie one: phat maaan! wherizfro?
townie two: nicked dinna? bo!
townie one: badass safe yeah! so phat!
*they indulge in scary odd handshake consisting of knocking fists together then clapping and shaking hands on the side*
townie two: whosat naw?
townie one: dunnah, les beat em ya?
townie two: ya phat
*walk up to random peson on street*
*they then try to beat the random person and end up in a jail cell with multiple injuries*
by :poisonedheart: January 13, 2004
A perjorative term of abuse we used to use at Oxford to describe the locals (ie non-students) who were generally viewed by us as dim, poor, unfashionable, dangerous and ugly. Maturity has given me a new perspective, and I appreciate now that actually we were the stupid c**ts.
Townie: Large doner with extra meat
Oxford student: Look here old chap, I think you'll find I was here before you
Townie: F**k off back home you stupid c**t
by clarkers January 02, 2004
someone who thinks that they are a manbeast when they are actually a dojo boy
townies are twats
by JimmyK September 18, 2003
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