(American definition, noun) Derogatory slang term that generally refers to someone who lives locally to a town, usually uttered by someone who does not. The implication is that the outside party is superior to the local populace, who are seen as inferior because of the negative stigma attached to the local environment they live in.

Most commonly used in rural college towns, where a large cultural gap exists between the students that attend and the local populace that simply happen to live there.

Townie can also be used as an adjective in the expected ways (A bar that is popular with the locals, for example, could be referred to as a "townie bar").
"I had some townie try to start a fight with me at the bar last night. I'm getting sick of these redneck locals..."
by TxdoHawk June 17, 2007
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a person (10-19) who goes around thinking they are and i quote "wel ard" starting fights with anyone who is even remotley different but they always lose the fight. they wear stupid adidas/ nike/ burberry hats pulled as tight as they can and placed at a 90 digree angle on there heads.
(townie) ook ah dat ucking gothic kid lets kiwl im
by mr happy February 16, 2004
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A townie is a cacka who thinks he/she is 'in' they say completely made-up words like
'mush', 'innit' and 'bruv'
they are often incredibly un-intelligent and wear fake burberry or cheap sports jackets and caps. They also tend to wear these caps at almost vertical angles on their heads.

Townies are also often completely deaf:
(a townie is walking along in his 'crew' and a group of skaters walk past)
Skater1:(shouts) Townie!!
Townie1: Wha' d'ya call me??
Skater2: He called you a townie duh
Townie2: Wha' d'ya call i'm?
by Townie Hater December 21, 2004
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The old word for chav which, frankly, sounds a lot better and less self-consciously constructed to sound obnoxious by a group of journalists on a slow July nesday.
"Oh great, another pack of townies coming to kick my head in because I don't conform to their world view."
by OD Smith March 18, 2005
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what a townie is
1) a person who wears "rockports" or "nike air trainers"
2)coats-henri Lloyd,GILL,rockport
3) a cap that hangs half of there head
4)or, bleach blonde hair gelled to there head
4) go's around beating ppl up 4 no aperent reason
5)talks like "buzzin" "dont chat" "nugget"
6)they dislike ppl wearing any black clothing
7)they also dislike ppl not listing to hardcore dance or "blazin squad"
8)tonnes of think gold sorerigns, or big loopy earings
9)trackys that are tucked in the socks
10)they dislike ppl who dont smoke
11) they dislike ppl who are ther own individual
In conclusion townies are aload of pricks who really all should be shot dead.
ur walkin down a street and a townie go's "sweaty mosher" or "mosh mosh get a wash" or "f**kin goth ill knock u out" and takes a drag of his/her cig.
by Lucy! April 17, 2004
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Scum of the earth. Wannabee Prostitutes.
Fight starting, ugly, peices of shite.
usually chewing gum, txting aswell, short skirts, high boots (pink, fluffy or both)*shudder*
greased back, greasy, straitened, permed, shat on, hair. Fake nails and too much lip gloss so it looks like they had plastic surgery in all the WRONG places. Usually covered in spots from eating at McDonalds everyday. The enemies of grungers(the cool interesting funny people)and goths.
allies of chavs (male version)
Both have an IQ similar to their shoe size.
i could go on but i wd bore ya.
Grungers: not much.
Townies supported by chavs: U wanna start a fight do ya?
Grungers: not really...
Townies an Chavs: Scared are ya?
Grungers: Of you...no. Of your face...yes.
Chavs: Right thats it.
*chavs try to knock out grungers. Miss and end up hitting another chav on the other side, swear and then run, as the grungers are prepared to fight back. And win. As they usually do.*
This usually happens everyday in town, or around town.
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Life ruiners, scum of the world
Townie : "ohhhhh, can i have some drugs to feed my baseball bat?"
Townie : "lets go clubbin an kill people with our weapons!"
Townie : "whats that? I listen to shit?"
by Keith September 14, 2003
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