1. Useless waist of space

2. Chat complete bollocks using words that mean absolutely nothing.

3. Impersonates Ali G being too thick to realise he is actually taking the piss out of people like that.

4. Has no idea of any music catogries unless it comes under any thing such as R n B, garage or any other crap therefore calling any thing that isn't bollocks "metlar music" including groups such as Coldplay, Travis and Embrace unless they like a song then it becomes non "metlar music".

5. Hangs round streets late at night in big groups to try and feel hard because they are total pussies who need "back-up" and weaponry.

6. No not how to fight a fair fight.

7. Like music only by black men and wiggers.

8. Pretend to take drugs because it makes them hard but are only smart enough to figure out how to smoke.

9. No hope in life apart from McDonalds.

10. Brain span goes about as far as shite music, drugs, and sex with there siblings.

11. A vocabulary which ranges from words that mean to shit to words that mean shit.
The very short belt like skirts of a female townie have bad habbits of going up and down more times that a horney rabbits arse.
by Arran Delieu March 28, 2004
An remarkably flexible word which can be applied to anyone virtually who is a teenager and has not made any visible efforts in their dress to appear 'alternative' or 'individualistic' or more accuratley isn't wearing solid black.
Very often apllied in derogatory tones by well off kids to describe young people who bear any signs of being working class ie gold earings, cheap clothes, old trainers.
I went out wearing ridiclously large trousers and a top saying 'f**k god' to try and get attention and the townies took the mick out of me. Boo hoo
by ad September 06, 2003
Wot the FUK? i wear gold earrings, necklaces & rings (NON of it is fukin fake at all), i sumtimes wear trackies, does this make me a townie how all u describe em? townie chaps dow jus wana start fights & not all of em shout an insult 2 'twats' (goths/grebs/moshers/punks, woteva u r)Townie girls dow shag evrythin wiv a fukin dik n they certainly dow get pregnant wen they am 12! (fukin get real like).
Everythin u say is jus bullshit & u all wana start findin sumthin els 2 do instead of slaggin off peeps that u dow even no 'innit'.

o yeh, if got anythin 2 say bk then go ahead & write ur own comment, cor wait 2 hear wot 'uve' got 2 say!
Goths/grebs/moshers/punks, get over urselves cuz u aint nufin special like!
by Lau XxX January 14, 2005

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