Lowlife scums. Like to wear cheap or over expensive crap, such as "nike", "kappa", "adidas", "reebok" "umbro" and many more...
Start fights with grungers/moshas/punks and goths for absoloutly NO reason.
Manage to cram FUCK in every other sentance. think its funny to act dumb which comes naturally to them.
Townie girls come in to types.
1. Slut like, big mouthed wear hardly any clothes. Bleached hair, to much make up and are turnin yellow from all the fags and not enough sun light.
2. The ones that act like men and wear tracsuit bottoms, have their eyebrow pierced and have nothing better to do except for stealing and hanging around in no particular place of value. (eg. bus stops)
The male of the species are not very varied.
they all skank like they have a bad limb, wear clothes that are really baggy in the middle but really tight at seams and joints. They talk like Ali G, and wear alot of "bling" which we accosiate as cheap painted gold plastic, bought from the local market. they think it's hilarious when something goes wrong, crave attention and think they are "bad boys" or "wellard". Often try to be black (stupid wannabe niggers) and wear thinks from america (basketball vests which are waaaaaaay to big) and have writing containing places in america but being townies they have no idea where they are.
They wear their caps way to high and then where their hoods over the top.
Grungers and other non-townies are all unsafe around these creatures. ~They think insults are "JEW" "YA MUM" "I HAD YA MUM" "NIGGER" (which is what they try to be so?) "GRUNGER" (i mean yeah we know we get ourselves dressed every morning not our mums) and other ridiculous non-insulting words.
We are getting bored from talking about the scums so shall finish there.
example of their odd behaviour:
in town buying a drink, townie comes up to my boyfriends mate and says "how old are ya?" he replies with his age 15. now the height difference between my friend and this tiny townie does not stop him.
We walk out of the shop and the townie starts thrusting his chest towards my mate to which he replies "your hats gay" so this townie ATTEMPT to punch him at which we walk away. then an hour later the same townie walks up to me and say "will you go out with me?". i mean what kinda stupid twat is he?
An remarkably flexible word which can be applied to anyone virtually who is a teenager and has not made any visible efforts in their dress to appear 'alternative' or 'individualistic' or more accuratley isn't wearing solid black.
Very often apllied in derogatory tones by well off kids to describe young people who bear any signs of being working class ie gold earings, cheap clothes, old trainers.
I went out wearing ridiclously large trousers and a top saying 'f**k god' to try and get attention and the townies took the mick out of me. Boo hoo
by ad September 06, 2003
Wot the FUK? i wear gold earrings, necklaces & rings (NON of it is fukin fake at all), i sumtimes wear trackies, does this make me a townie how all u describe em? townie chaps dow jus wana start fights & not all of em shout an insult 2 'twats' (goths/grebs/moshers/punks, woteva u r)Townie girls dow shag evrythin wiv a fukin dik n they certainly dow get pregnant wen they am 12! (fukin get real like).
Everythin u say is jus bullshit & u all wana start findin sumthin els 2 do instead of slaggin off peeps that u dow even no 'innit'.

o yeh, if got anythin 2 say bk then go ahead & write ur own comment, cor wait 2 hear wot 'uve' got 2 say!
Goths/grebs/moshers/punks, get over urselves cuz u aint nufin special like!
by Lau XxX January 14, 2005

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