A townie is an English word for a person who:
1. Uses the phrase "Ya Mum" as an insult
2. Thinks that it is cool/hard to use various words beginning with F and S
3. Listens to "Phat Beats" - Blazin Squad, So Solid Crew, Jay-Z (or whatever) etc.
4. Drives a Car such as a Vauxhall Nova or Ford Escort or similar which has A body kit, lowerred suspension, large exhaust, and a huge Subwoofer in the boot to make sure that everyone can hear their "Phat Beats"
5. Has a stupid nickname such as "Jubba" or "Staples"
6. Steals mobile phones
7. Wears "Bling Threads"
8. Walks in a stupid, exaggerated way
9. Has a fundamental disability to pronounce the letter "H"
10. Smokes all the time whilst doing the above
11. Is challenged by a lack of immagination
12. Has a Helly Hansen "Puffer Jacket"
13. Has gelled blonde (dyed) hair
by Tommo August 04, 2003
P erson
R idiculous
I nit
C ock
K inda stupid init

This is a townie, and if you are reading this and decide you are a townie do us all a favour and piss off init. Townies like thingsthat are shiney. Townies often walk into doors and start on the door. Townies is a waste of space init. Townies work in fast food resturants and get fat and greasy (yes greasier then normal, but how is this possible???). Townies should die. Townies will get their 'posse' on you, lol, more like possum, stupid f**ks. Townies swear every other word. Townies say 'init' or 'bling bling' every other word, infact this is all the interlectual compacity of the townie mind can handle. Another phase 'sed' alot is 'oooooo shiney', when infact is a 10p piece on the floor. Townies are cheap bastar*s, they shop at a local market init coz they cant afford any thing else init. Townies are not to be reconed with, simply coz they is a waste of time init. Townies have a bad sense of fashion (nore do i but i aint no townie init). Townies are pussys, and they have no life.

AVOID THESE F**KERS AT ALL COSTS (oh yea n they cant spell to save their lives)
I is well ard init
by BJ January 14, 2004
Townies are the best type of people in the world ... every . . . they beat goths and sk8ers up and kill people for fun . . . . as well as that we go round drinkin and drivin
sum one who hangs round the spar waitin for sum one who looks 18 to buy booze for them , standing there with there nike shox :D adidas tracks tucked into there england football socks , and then there england football top with a fred perry jumper on coverd by a REAL fubu hoodie . hair normally shaved off and a stud thou the eyebrow
by George Wall November 26, 2004
AMERICA IS AN EXTENSION OF ENGLAND!!!! Errr, hello, why are there so many white people in america? WE PUT THEM THERE! And actually, america does have their own version of townies, they're called preps!!! D'uh! Ps, england does not suck americas dick, that would be paedophilia, seeing as WE'RE THE DADDY! Oh shit, now i sound loke a townie... bugger.
Townie: I wear the names of american states on my tracksuit tops, im not sucking up, nooooo......!
by Altu mequera orcu March 26, 2005
The only people in the entire country of England that have any fucking sense and don't such the US's dick. Spoken like a true American.
Person 1: Did you see that townie?

Person 2: Yeah, he reminded me of a redneck that I meet in Arkansas last year. Cool guy, but I couldn't get pass the country music though.
by U.S. Merchant January 28, 2005
townies anit all fuckin bad, dey hang round wiv gangs, stick 2 gether when der m8s get in trouble, anit n.e fuckin fing like d people hav written on here bout dem, d clothes dey where anit jus from d market, sum townies av quite abit of money, people say dat townies r prejuduce to goths n pikes n normal people ect.....well fuck up yeh been prejuduce to us!!! to us we are d normal people. not all d burberry townies av r fake n not all d jewellery eitha, u fink u all no wot a townie is well u fuckin know shitall bout dem.

girl townies dont all die their hair blonde, 4 most of us its fukin natural, dey dont all wear fukoff big earrings. dey av decent makeup n fuckin ell u sayin dat we got ache yeh..... well i anit beein funny, but we int d only people who mite hav it, most of dont! dey aint sluts, n dont go round struttin' seeing who dey can pull 4 a quick shag!

guy townies dont go round finkin dey hard. most of dem probably are... der int n.e fing rong wiv d clothes dey wear... its style dese dayz get use 2 it!

townies are proud of who they are and dey aint afraid 2 show it so fuck off!!!
we all livin, so fuck up bein prejuduce against us! u no shitall bout us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! l8trz init
by tanya n jesi January 04, 2005
reet i dnt understand all u ppl that r slagin of townies ill giv ya my definition.......
a townie has been given different names ova sum time now such as chav/scallie/blaza/sham. they are mainly made up of gyals like myself and guys who are really good mates. we are really loyal to one another and if one of our spars get into trouble we will be the first to get em out of it. we chil togetha in houses, parks, yea mayb we will go on street corners or bus shelters sumtime but only because we r at that age were we to old to stay in n do nuffin but to young o go out clubbin people say that we are cheap and were crap market clothes but no i own a quantity of nike (£70-£80) lacost(£120) and prada(£150)tracksuits and my gold earings wich all u seem to thik are gold plated and come of the market are actually 18kt and cost me £200, as for our hair and make-up we aint no old school townies around no more i aint worn blue eyeshadow and my hair in a tight side plait sice yr 9. i actually do dye my hair blonde but its styled nice. i hate it when haters call us thick or dolers coz i aint no doler mostof us go to college coz we want alot of money one day. most of us townies like listning to garage, grime dance and trance. mike skinner (the sreets bein my fav) lady soverigne is a typical townie her style is a typical gal style. People seem to think that because we have our own dialect were scum, r brumie scum coz they have a birmingham dialect NO, are londoners scum coz of there london dialect NO so y shud us manquinion townies get slated by haters because of the way we speke. Townies when out and about with there mates are constantly gettin pulled by the police its not fair we aint always dun sumfin bad, but mayb if the government paid more money to the counsal then they could make more youh clubs and we wouldnt get into toruble. it may seem that alot of us smoke but alot of moshers smoke alot of oldies smoke so who are you to judge....
i really cnt be arsed goin on coz i could go on all day defendin myself
some of my pharases

"init man"
"raaarrrr den da next gyal sed to da next man"
"av ya got a fag i can borra"
by Loran May 07, 2005
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