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Scum of the earth. Wannabee Prostitutes.
Fight starting, ugly, peices of shite.
usually chewing gum, txting aswell, short skirts, high boots (pink, fluffy or both)*shudder*
greased back, greasy, straitened, permed, shat on, hair. Fake nails and too much lip gloss so it looks like they had plastic surgery in all the WRONG places. Usually covered in spots from eating at McDonalds everyday. The enemies of grungers(the cool interesting funny people)and goths.
allies of chavs (male version)
Both have an IQ similar to their shoe size.
i could go on but i wd bore ya.
Grungers: not much.
Townies supported by chavs: U wanna start a fight do ya?
Grungers: not really...
Townies an Chavs: Scared are ya?
Grungers: Of you...no. Of your face...yes.
Chavs: Right thats it.
*chavs try to knock out grungers. Miss and end up hitting another chav on the other side, swear and then run, as the grungers are prepared to fight back. And win. As they usually do.*
This usually happens everyday in town, or around town.
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Typically white British youth that think they're "niggas", but haven't quite pulled it off right and have created a different subculture than hip hop/R&B fans in the US. Their favorite artists would be ashamed of them if they knew what they'd created. Wear Adidas and Kappa but have probably never set foot on a track in their lives.
The girl with the bleached blonde hair, the exposed fat roll between the track pants and too tight shirt saying "hottie" or "princess" or "porn star" is a townie, and much more likely to beat you up in the UK than she would be in America, where she'd probably just be called a slut or a ho.
by shiz_not March 28, 2004
9 2
A person who lives in the town/city of a college, spends lots of time in the town
Sometimes make fun of the College people
Because we know they do
I live in the town that Kings Point is in, and it is SO funny to make fun of them in there uniforms around town!
by Liz January 05, 2004
12 5
A youth who excessively travels to, or resides in town. Typically wearing skinny jeans and band t-shirt. Hair obscuring eyes. Possibly questionable sexuality.
Harry "Townie" Colovic. Such a Townie.
by navySEAL999 April 13, 2011
10 4
Someone who never leaves their town and eventually raises a family in the same town they were raised in. These people tend to remain in the same social clique for their whole life. They are always living in the past.
Lorie is a townie. She married a boy from high school and they now live in the same town they grew up in.
by jumper111 May 12, 2010
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American definition:
1. For education institutions located outside of cities, a townie is a person who lives and works near the institution but is not affiliated with the school itself. These people are lowly paid and poorly educated.

2. A person who grew up in towns.
The Simpsons:
"stupid townie!"
Homer: "Hey! It's townies like me that cook your food and clean your bathrooms!"
"If you did the former better, we would use the latter less!"
Homer runs off crying
"That's it townie! Run! Run back to your town!"
by TonyZee April 13, 2009
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du ur best 2 clean up da streets...
take part...
kill a townie...
by ThE KilLeRs FaNz ?!&*$@~#+ January 16, 2005
20 14
Townies are the scum of this earth they have the i.q of my goldfish and wear clothes not even worth looking at!There normal inhabitance is in your local town/vill innit!Where they spend their day trying to get their ass kicked by normal people!If you like burberry enough and support crappy nova cars and wear argos jewelry you are most definitley a townie.They have mastered their unique and rubbish language which involves words such as "come on then" and "innit" and "his missus has got a "nova gti" and also due to their incredible thickness they insist on insulting by swearing! remember they are the lowest lifeform on this planet do not fall down to their level become something worth doing!
townie and chav's think they are well ard
townies and chavs think they are well ard
by Alex January 05, 2005
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