A person, usually female, with whom many people have had sex. Town bicycle being a metaphor with the implication that everybody gets a ride.
Use a condom, dude, that girl's the town bicycle.

See also: That woman has seen more pricks than the receptionist at a hedgehog nymphomania clinic.
by Kyran Wolfe June 29, 2013
A girl named Sakara Byroads known for her easy sex and sloppy blowjobs. She's accessible to anyone with reproductive parts.
Wilson: Hey look it's the town bicycle!

Mark: You mean Sakara?
by Town Bicycle rider #12 February 09, 2014
A women that goes out or sleeps with the whole town.
' She goes out with everyone'
' Yeah, she is the Town Bicycle"
by FBG$ KING July 16, 2014
a chick who gets ridden (fucked) by everyone
i thought mel was innocent, but since shes fucked 420 dudes in the last 3 months, shes the town bicycle for sure!
by town bicycle victim January 17, 2011

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