a person (either gay male or straight female), who is open to having sex with anyone that wants it, not refusing anybody the pleasure even if it's not a pleasurable experience. the town bicycle is notorious for having STD's such as crabs, VD or worse.
"well if you're desperate for a shag there's always Sandy/Tim, they're the town bicycle, but i'd make sure you wore a condom as they've had most other towns in the area as well as this one!"
by Dina Sparrow February 02, 2006
Top Definition
free ride, slut
casey is the town bicycle, every one has ridden her
by madeleine April 12, 2004
Someone who is open to pleasuring anyone who asks.

Also is a sex position.
First you need to know what a bicycle is. Its when a guy and a girl does doggy style, but the guy holds the girl's shoulders like handle bars and pedal's his feet like a bicycle.

A town bicycle is when a group of people does the bicycle, but in a line. so the 2nd girl's face is in the 1st girl's crotch. and the 3rd girl's face is in the 2nd girl's crotch, and so on.
Hey Timmothy, do you want to set a world record for most people doing the town bicycle?
by Shivham Jayakanarshingalaharan March 30, 2009
a big fuckin whore who is just nasty and probably isnt even pretty just loose and easy.
katy libby is a town bicycle
by hotsexbaby May 26, 2004
Someone from an area who gets around. Everybody gets a ride on him/her hence the 'town bicycle'.
Hey there goes the town bicycle.
Yea, everyone gets a ride on her.
by Silveer June 13, 2011
A whore who rides the whole town.
A girl that fucks the whole population of your school men or women.
Because Laini fucks 9 guys a week she will obtain the title of town bicycle because of the many men and women she bangs.
by DJ dondon December 31, 2007
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