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A piece of rubber like a string tied around the arm in the bicep region to stop blood flow. Used to expose a vein when shooting heroin.
Tie the tourniquet around my arm so I can see where I'm shooting.
by Samantha July 01, 2003
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The dictionary defines a tourniquet as a surgical device for arresting / stopping haemorrhage by compression of a blood vessel.
Meaning could be adapted a couple of ways:
(Surgical) Cloth or band tightened around a part of the body (like the arm) to stop blood flow temporarily.
(Religious) What Christ offers to anyone who comes to Him - Psalm 147:3 says that, "He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds".

You choose your own meaning.
by Scriv January 10, 2004
a song by evanescence
"my god, my tourniquet. return to me salvation!!!!"
by FcukingBishh April 21, 2008
A sexual position in which a man inserts his testicles into a woman's anus and allows her to constrict around them.
That chick was such a whore, she begged me for a tourniquet after I gave it to her in the butt.
by Petroliero February 03, 2011
A clothe or band tightening around a part of the body (like an arm)

Used to stop blood flow temporarily
by Chocolate Moocher June 26, 2003
Tourniquet is a great thrash band that has released awesome albums. They have a great technical talent: the band's leader, Ted Kirkpatrick, is one of the most awesome drummer's in thrash; maybe is not as good as Dave Lombardo or Nick Menza, but he is awesome with the drums. Gary Lenaire and Mark Lewis, the original guitarists, were astounding guitarists; they made great riffs and solos. Guy Ritter, the lead vocalist, made a kick-ass work while he was in the band. All the other members were pretty great too, but these were the guys in the first album, Stop the Bleeding.

They are a great band, one of the greatest thrash bands in history; but they are not very known only because they a Christian band. I recommend songs like "Viento Borrascoso", "A Dog's Breakfast", "Ready or Not", "Ark of Suffering" or "Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance".
Tourniquet most famous song is "Ark of Suffering".
by ThrasherOfDeath June 07, 2011
One of the best heavy metal bands ever. By the way, they are not grind/grundge... the first 3 records were thrash, the 4th one was hard rock and they went back to play heavy stuff in the 21st century.
I can't way for a new Tourniquet album!
by popol April 27, 2005
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