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1. A strong toilet that can withold anything up to 5,000 lbs. It also can take anything anyone "drops off"; even White Castle. 2. A marijuana substance that gives someone the illusion of being very strong. 3. A strong person who will not take shit from anyone; nothing gets to them. 4. A metal bowl used for cooking that can withstand tough ingredients such as breaking screws into metal shavings and making gold shavings out of rough rocks.
EX 1: Toughie Pots were on sale today! I couldn't resist buying one since my toilet seat was demolished at that party I had last week.
EX 2: I had this toughie pot and I am ready to take on any mo*fo that comes at me! Bring it bitches!
EX 3: She can really be a toughie pot sometimes!
EX 4: Yesterday I used my toughie pot for the first time to make some bling out of my gold tooth that fell out, and it worked wonders!
by Shan Juan Nessa January 19, 2012
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