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the sole criteria that defines a relationship for that category of guys that are only after a piece of a**. these guys also tend to hit on women much younger than them, example a college freshman and a highschool freshman. interaction tends to lead to blind groping in his car, then after she goes home he gets drunk and passes out puking in the public parking lot behind the prison. avoid these guys.
A&A: so how are things between you and that freshman?
Zach: pretty damn good.
A&A: have you taken her on a date yet?
Zach: no.
A&A: have you called her?
Zach: no.
A&A: then how does that qualify as pretty damn...oh, you let her touchyourpenis, didn't you?
Zach: hell yeah, man.
A&A: you stoner f***. you are such a man-wh*re.
by angus bohanon July 09, 2006

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