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A person, usually female, who puts off the "Do not approach me, you have no chance," vibe. She/He is not interested in dating or sex and prefers to remain friends with many people but not in super close touchy-feely relationships. They usually come off really bitchy and fierce, but it's just part of their natural personality traits.
"It's a shame she's a Touch Me Not, she's pretty hot.."
"Don't even get your hopes up, there is no way in Hell she'd even consider it"
by Foleaseahhtea July 25, 2008

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a girl/boy in grade school that won't do more than hold hands
young boy: i tried to touch my girl friends privates and she wouldn't let me that makes her a touch me not
by scoop69 January 21, 2007
A very beautiful woman that you date who doesn't like to be touched.
You reach for your girlfriend and she runs, so you say, "Come here and give me a hug, TouchMeNot!"
by Faded Character January 28, 2006