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used in many countries in reference to the female genitalia though the language is not indigenious to one country, the word has its roots in africa
toto is a type of thin', toto is a type of place, everybody like toto
by Mobbin October 23, 2003
vagina (pussy)
i was up in some toto earlier
by irishwhite June 19, 2003
A male private part not a female
She suck my toto last night
by Foreign Hg January 06, 2016
A band that began in the late 70's and dominated in the 80's. They had such hits as 'Hold The Line' and 'Africa' which is used in GTA Vice City
When my friend said that Toto sucked I DDT'ed him onto the floor
by Matty J December 05, 2004
Any dog seeing ridding in a bicycle basket
Did you see that adorable toto in that basket?
by Spenkitten October 27, 2014
"Turn Off The Oxygen" Business acronym meaning to eliminate a competitor by taking business away with a competing product at a lower price, even at a loss or near loss.
A large company, in order to protect their leading position and keep competitors out of their market uses TOTO as guiding business strategy.
by waterstreet June 05, 2015
Bullet proof vest, I heard 50cent use this term many times.
I left my to-to at dress rehersale.
by JstnTym420 August 30, 2004
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