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Salkty crispy flaky triangle (or broken pieces i.e. crumbs) of goodness.

Tostitos Tortilla chips go good with salsa
by Mandarzegreetest June 26, 2008
1. A common food associated with Mexican cuisine served with salsa.

2. A style of shaved pubic hair. It is the shape of a triangle (similar in size of a Tortilla Chip).
~I went to the salon today and changed it up from the landing strip to tortilla chip!

~I wish my girl wouldn't shave her poon bald and at least leave a tortilla chip!
by robyo March 28, 2009
Similar to the slang for a white person as in "cracker", this refers to any person of mexican decent. Can be used as a proper name.
What up tortilla chip? or Ya damn crazy ass tortilla chip mutha fucka!!
by Cassie July 29, 2003
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