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The only foreign Base Ball team to have won the World Series.
They did it back in 1992 and 1993.
by Idiot-Finder2 February 06, 2005
first of all they did record sell outs, so if i were south of the border and didn't watch Jays baseball i wouldn't be talking about our attendance because you're never here to see it. and we're the only team outside of the US to win a World Series (1992, 1993) where players requirde a passport and where the World Series banner flew north of the US border. within the next decade we will be a contender we already see it now and so has MLB
Toronto Blue Jays, only Canadian baseball team
by bananas232325 October 12, 2005
The best team in baseball. Now boasting names like Vernon Wells, AJ Burnett, Roy Halladay, Troy Glaus, and Lyle Overbay. Who cares if they dont sell out. Still the funnest team in baseball to watch
"Touch Em' all Joe. You will never hit one bigger than this." - Tom Cheek, beloved deceased Toronto Blue Jays broadcaster.
by RyanTaylor April 29, 2006
A baseball team in the MLB founded March 26, 1976. Originally a small expansion team that played at Exhibition stadium in Toronto, Ontario, they weren't much of a contender until the 1983-1984 season when they lead the American League with a combined batting average of .277

The Jays did not move to their current home, then called 'Skydome' until June 5, 1989. The Jays' amassed back to back World Series wins in 1992 and 1993. A series of unfortunate trades, and mismanagement as a whole, caused the team's demise into mediocrity after 1995.

The team now resides at the Rogers Centre, after Rogers Communications Inc. bought the Skydome, and the rights to the team in 2005 for a record low $18M despite hundreds of millions used to build the original dome 16 years earlier.
With all the upcoming talent, and some of the best pitching in the league, the Toronto Blue Jays are destined for another shot at the Pennant!
by 2dFx June 07, 2006
baseball north of the border
the blue jays never sell out, since they play in that monster called the SkyDome.
by Baseballer March 28, 2004
The only MLB team that isn't in the United States & will soon become a huge threat to both the Red Sox & Yankees. In 2011, they will be lead by Jose Bautista, Ricky Romero, & Aaron Hill. Also, they will have a new manager named John Farrell.
The Toronto Blue Jays are an expansion teamed that entered the MLB in 1985.

They won back to back World Series back in 1992 & 1993
by Nikki Poo February 21, 2011
A baseball team that hasn't won the world series since 1993. Now playing at the "Rogers Center" in Toronto, Ontario Canada.
The Toronto Blue Jays will never win a double world series championship ever again.

The Bat Boy is ALWAYS ugly in Toronto.
by Skeets October 14, 2005
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