To top/top off:

1. To mount, fuck real fuckin hard, pin down and fuck (dominate - S&M), to be the recipient of any of this.

2. To burn, override, shut down or in any way make a fool of someone else. To out-achieve and out-do someone in effort.

3. The icing on the cake, the last straw, the end-all; where something occurs that hits your breaking point and you go fucking bucknutty.
1. Jamal: Shit dude, I fuckin TOPPED that bitch!
Jeffy: Yeah man, she looked like she was walkin funny this morning. But you shoulda seen the cow I got with last night. She was a fuckin PSYCHOBITCH!! *I* got topped off in a bad way that time.
Jamal: Harsh, dude, you are a pussy!

2. Billy: Hey Bosun, I don't like you looking at my girl, Janie, in that regard. Quit it.
Bosun: Fuck, nigga, I look at her that way cuz I was remembering the countless times I blew my cocksnot in her meathanky! *She* was tellin me how much I topped you, and this burn right *here* fuckin tops you, bitch!
Billy: You are just being not serious and an ass.
Janie: No, it's true.

3. My car broke down, I was fired, I got colorectal cancer, my stocks crashed and now I'm bankrupt, my girlfriend choked on some Jamal's cock and died, and to top it all offI HAVE ERECTILE DISFUNCTION SO I CAN'T EVEN SCREW MYSELF TO SLEEP!!
by BioMenace October 24, 2006
a blow job or giving a guy head
yo she gave me top last nite but im a jerk so im never gonna call her
by lucy September 26, 2004
pot spelt backwards. sick little word to use with ur friends without anyone knowing what you really mean
yo bud lets go for a walk, topz, come back and eat
by dont worry bout it November 24, 2003
Something that a lady puts on over a bra, or a gentleman puts on over his chest.
1. "Hey, do you like my new top i got yesterday from Top SHop?"
by rach February 26, 2003
One who packs fudge with another gentleman. Also see bottom.
Tom Guertin was an OK top, but he was much more adept as a bottom.
by Anonymous February 26, 2003
An acronym for the term "Tits On Parade", used to describe a female's attire where the cleavage and/or breast is revealed and accentuated for all to see.
"Woah man, check out the skirt on that! And that shirt is over the T.O.P.!"

"Damn right that's some good T.O.P."
by jbsmith June 07, 2006
A short reference to either LAPTOP or PALMTOP computers.
Damn, shoulda brought mah TOP so I could check the email out here!
by Joshiro007 February 21, 2003
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