a term used to denote a person who sells marijuana.
John is the top that all the guys went to in order to obtain weed.
by Triple Deeg May 26, 2010
Slang for laptop...texting is easier when abbreaviating every word
So what shall we talk about sitting here contently on our tops?
by Jt8778 September 08, 2009
pot spelled backwards; especially when combined with the initials of the common slang term for rolling papers, zig zag to make one of the most legendary rockbands of all time.

e.g. "Z.Z. Top"
ZZ Top is the shit.
by lordaleksandre June 06, 2004
One's head or skull, usually not in referance to one's face and not to be confused with getting or giving head.
"see a nigga laid out, with his fuckin' top blown off, thats 50, man that wasnt 50."

"fuck wit me, and I'll leave yo top leakin in tha street."
by Rob-Rizzle November 30, 2005
Northern England: Fun, good, pleasurable, or pleasing.
Ai lad, that were a top night out.
by Dan Fox June 24, 2003
used to conceal fat
people eat it to survive on rare occasions
what the people on the heavy side wear
top, as in, GIVE ME THAT FUCKING TOP!!!!!!!!!!!
let me borrow that top
cover your fat, put on the top
by Pej who and Maris whaa? September 26, 2006
a girls that give goood head on the regular , mainly in New york
a that girl from 27 street gives good ass top.
by mela May 27, 2005
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