to get head from a promiscuous girl
Man that girl gives the best top out of all them cheerleaders.
by Troy Vincent June 23, 2007
First or Master Sergeant in the U.S Marine Corps. Enlisted. E-8
Hey , I heard the top is suppose to be running this poole event today.
by devildog23 October 15, 2008
adj. - as in at the top, number one
synonymous with the words awesome and cool
Bob - "I got floor seats for last nights playoff game."

Jimmy - "Dude thats so top."

Bob - "I know right."
by C Dubbs94 August 15, 2008
achronym for Toung On Penis, or Toung On Pussy.
Yo that chick gives some good top. Dipset bitch!
by MCSD June 10, 2005
Specific friends on Myspace displayed on thier profile that may include as their top 8-40
Hey man, why am I not on your top?
by laughalot789 June 24, 2007
To be the best; to be the highest quality of something.
I'm top man, ya gemme!
That bre's a top neek!
You think your top innit?
by 2Shabby September 29, 2004
another term used for a blowjob
yo i went to her house yesterday, an i got some top.

man she be toppin niggas off like it aint nothin
by 1,2,3 April 19, 2009
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