Getting or receiving oral sex.
I went over to Iggys house last night. She gave me some of the best top I had in years!!
by Bo Factz October 16, 2014
to be "top shelf", hard to reach, or unnattainable, and therefore, being bad ass when you do.
you just won risk? man that's tops
by monocle_man October 14, 2010
Getting head (oral sex)
1-yeo i got top(s) from shorty after class today

2-dam she gives some good top
by Rep0 March 17, 2007
It's when you go down on your girl or any girl for that matter
Damn my girl tops me so hard. She gets me SO WET when her toung goes inside me in feels like electricity is corsing through my veins.
by Thecarpet muncher July 07, 2014
Gettin your penis sucked, gettin head, dick gettin sucked
"The bitch gives good top bro",
by bri21 November 07, 2013
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