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good; of high quality
1. Man, this cake is tops.
by Evie October 15, 2003
253 60
A korean rapper that is part of the boy band Big Bang. He is very sexy, has a deep (and amazing) voice, can write very sad songs, and makes girls go crazy just by a simple look in his eyes. he has also produced some songs singly or with GD (turn it up, act like nothing's wrong, knockout, high high, baby goodnight, etc)
fangirl: "i want T.O.P sooo badly"
friend: "you cant date him"
fangirl: "why?"
friend: "he's famous and he lives in korea, you're not famous and you live in america!"
fangirl: "but i want him so much!"
friend: -sigh-
by zz1 August 17, 2011
174 52
As a verb, to be the top (noun) in gay sex. Typically, to be the guy who inserts his penis in the partner's anus.
Does he top?
Who, that twink? Are you kidding?
by Roody August 17, 2005
424 309
In homosexual encounters, the partner who prefers to do the penetration. There is no one typical personality attributed to these individuals beyond the preference to penetrate the bottom. Also known as the giver or the "guy" in the relationship. (the latter is generally used when attempting to describe preferred sexual rolls to unaware, unexposed, or ignorant breeders)
Son: Mom, I'm the top, don't worry about me.

Mom: So does that mean the guy or the girl??

Son: Ugh, mom, the guy.....*facepalm*
by gayfratboi January 15, 2009
270 174
The act of oral sex, originating out of new york
man, this bitch gave me mad top last night!
by kevin1337 April 01, 2009
58 44

A pair of either old or new toms shoes that are cut into slippers or flops.
"Are those your old toms?"
"Nah man, tops now"
by AngieM December 20, 2011
20 10
1.In control; of high regard; the best; 2. Terrific; fabulous; grand; of high quality 3. the boss; most dominant; the lead
True Religion Jeans are tops as far as designer jeans are concerned.
by Demicci D. Dior-Britt October 22, 2007
32 22