To top/top off:

1. To mount, fuck real fuckin hard, pin down and fuck (dominate - S&M), to be the recipient of any of this.

2. To burn, override, shut down or in any way make a fool of someone else. To out-achieve and out-do someone in effort.

3. The icing on the cake, the last straw, the end-all; where something occurs that hits your breaking point and you go fucking bucknutty.
1. Jamal: Shit dude, I fuckin TOPPED that bitch!
Jeffy: Yeah man, she looked like she was walkin funny this morning. But you shoulda seen the cow I got with last night. She was a fuckin PSYCHOBITCH!! *I* got topped off in a bad way that time.
Jamal: Harsh, dude, you are a pussy!

2. Billy: Hey Bosun, I don't like you looking at my girl, Janie, in that regard. Quit it.
Bosun: Fuck, nigga, I look at her that way cuz I was remembering the countless times I blew my cocksnot in her meathanky! *She* was tellin me how much I topped you, and this burn right *here* fuckin tops you, bitch!
Billy: You are just being not serious and an ass.
Janie: No, it's true.

3. My car broke down, I was fired, I got colorectal cancer, my stocks crashed and now I'm bankrupt, my girlfriend choked on some Jamal's cock and died, and to top it all offI HAVE ERECTILE DISFUNCTION SO I CAN'T EVEN SCREW MYSELF TO SLEEP!!
by BioMenace October 24, 2006
Top Definition
Aussie, Irish, Scottish, English slang

Fantastic. Wonderful.
Ahh she's tops mate. Reeaaal tops.
by christopher January 20, 2004
A man who likes giving anal intercourse to other men rather than receiving.
I really DON'T like taking huge cocks up my ass since I'm a top, but I'll shove my cock into a receptive hole when offered.
by dicklicker May 23, 2003
Slang term used when refering to a blowjob. Originates from New York City and is actually an acronym for "Tounge On Penis"
"Hey man, I heard that chick gives the best top"
by R-kIVe July 22, 2005
T.O.P (pronounced "taph" or "tee oh pee"), real name Choi Seung Hyun, is a korean rapper in a boy band Big Bang. known for:
- noona-killer since 1987
- voice of unf
- visual impregnating abilities
- being a pure boy
- choomTOP

See also: choomTOP, BAMF and you are now pregnant
Ann: "don't look at T.O.P's eyes !"
Robin: "why?"
- looks at his eyes -
Robin: "omfg I'm pregnant"
Ann: "told you."

(works on men too)
by gur1 May 22, 2011
A person of any above description who "takes the lead" or is dominant in sexual situation. May or may not include S & M, fantasy role play or fetishes or servitude. May or may not want to be touched. Will initiate sex. If includes S & M, the top will be the one to do the bondage & pain play etc. to the bottom.
by dijjn June 04, 2003
T.O.P is the oldest and ultimately the sexiest member of Big Bang. He can make the girls swoon with a simple eyebrow raise and he wears a lot of layers. His voice is very deep and sexy!
Fangirl: I wish I had a for myself T.O.P
by KnightLight34 August 01, 2011
At the maximum, at most, at the most, not more than
I will take two years, tops.
It will set you back $20, tops.
by Dennis July 24, 2006
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