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A hair style worn by girls typically between the ages of 14-20, where all of the hair is tied in a bun on the top of their head, generally flopping down towards the forehead.Known to reduce the wearers I.Q by 95%.
"Dammm, if only Ashley didn't start wearing a topknot, she might have passed physics"...
by You know it! September 30, 2014
Insult of the worst kind. Usually hideously ugly girl who wears her hair an inch above her forehead, normally in a polka dot scrunchy.
"a few inches higher and that'll be a topknot"

by Sophie van der welle October 28, 2007
1. the upper part of the body, joined to the trunk by the neck.
2. in some it contains the brain, but various specimens have been found to be lacking this.
Hey! Watch yer top knot, that branch is low.
by kellymncole March 23, 2008
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